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December 12 2011

Mark Watches Buffy. The first-time watcher behind Mark Watches Firefly starts off season one.

Mark watches and reviews TV series he's not seen before, reviewing five episodes of a series per week. After watching Firefly and Serenity (plus Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Avatar: The Last Airbender and more) he's now starting on BtVS.

He's very anti-spoiler so please check his spoiler policy before commenting. Rot13 is often used to cover spoilers in the comments.

Yeah ummm. Maybe come back once his server is up and running again.
I love to read people's first reaction to BtVS.
Yay! I love Mark Does Stuff! Very excited for this!
It's frickin' hilarious that he doesn't even know Angel is a vampire.
I think we broke it.
I really enjoyed reading his watching of Firefly and Serenity, and loved reading his reading The Hunger Games, so I'm sure this will be fun (I can't wait until he gets to the second season!).
It's back up- and reading what he has to say is hugely fun, since we know wo much about the things he knows nothing about. I am smiling. I wish I could see Buffy again without any knowledge of it!
I couldn't believe he doesn't even know what Angel is! I mean, he did a whole series on Twilight at one point, and that was before he had his own site with the super strict spoiler policy and spoiler enforcers and you'd think he would have gotten spoiled then by a comment or two about Buffy/Angel.

Anyway, I love all his stuff, even though I didn't love BSG nearly as much as he did. I've been looking forward to the Buffy run for a long time!
OH! I'm a fan of Mark Watches! He does great analysis on what he watches. And it's great to live vicariously through a first time watcher and feel the thrill again.
I love reading stuff like this. People just getting into Harry Potter or Buffy and getting mind blown is something worth seeing.

It's a big dream of mine, to be able to watch the shows I love all over again without any knowledge. I lend my DVDs to my friends and to see them get into Dollhouse or Buffy for the first time is priceless and I get excited for them. I'd love to be able to feel that excitement, to fall in love with the show even more with each episode. Especially when we have the DVDs and don't have to suffer for winter breaks and season finales.
Agree, when I read "Is Angel another slayer?" ...priceless. This was really hilarious to read.
Ooh, just got a chance to read his first two experiences. This is much fun. :)
I agree - this seems like fun. I've never heard of Mark (who apareantly likes to watch things ;)), but what happens when he doesn't like what he watches? Has that ever happened?

All in all it was fun - a little on the shallow side in its analysis for me, but certainly in good fun and a great way to relive watching Buffy. Certainly wonder what he'll think further down the road - or even when he watches next episode, as he's currently accepting Jesse as a main character, it seems ;).
Mark also Reads and he read the Twilight saga which he hated, but he's pretty much liked everything else he's read and watched. At the moment his reviews of Buffy remind me of his reviews of Harry Potter where he started off gently mocking and silly because he thought it was something light and fluffy that he wouldn't get too invested in then the more he got into it the more serious and in-depth he became.

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This is so fun! I especially love seeing him speculate on future issues. I particularly like his love of Joyce truly treating Buffy like a 16 year old and his questions on whether the secret will be kept all seven season (sadface). Oh to see Becoming with fresh eyes. When showing the series to a friend for the first time, it's usually in chunks of episodes so you don't really get this speculating on what's going to happen and such... Watching an episode at a time like this and doing a review... so much fun.

Sorry, that was rather rambly

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