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"You know I only have two of these outfits."
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December 13 2011

Malcolm Reynolds by Dan Dos Santos, via Nathan Fillion. Our captain tweets a picture of himself in comic book form, presumably (although I'm not certain) from the forthcoming Free Comic Book Day story.

Nice artwork. But those pants are a little loose.
This is the story?
Presuming that's still the case for the FCBD story, yes.
Mal, Serenity, gun, something most likely stolen. I like it.
Looks like he got the "four-finger" discount.
Niiiice. Slanty gunbelt. Pants maybe a tad loose. Purse goes well with ensemble...
Mal has a new shirt! He never had one that red before.
The presence of stretch denim is an indication of a truly advanced culture.
Damn...that's one hell of a photo-realistic image of the good Capt. Tightpants, or near enough I thought it was a photo for a second!


Concerning Mal's wardrobe? I think Inara's been applying some of her feminine wiles to get him to dress a tad different. The shade of red his shirt is reminds of a similar shade of one of Inara's outfits from the series. Plus, while I can imagine she appreciates anything that emphasizes Mal's sculpted rear end, I can see her encouraging looser pants to prevent constriction around certain sensitive areas.
Apart from the second half of the twentieth century, the only time and place I can think of where men wore really tight pants (as opposed to tight hose) was Regency England, where young bucks wore skintight doeskin trousers. Those were expensive in materials and tailoring.

The ways to get tight fitting clothing are lacing, tailoring, tightly woven knits, deliberate shrinkage and elastic. Exact tailoring and tightly woven knits are labor intensive. Tight clothing over muscular body parts that move a lot tends to get torn, so the laboring classes don't go in for it. On the other hand, brigands often wear finery above their class to advertise that they don't work for a living.

Sometimes the upper classes wear stiff, bulky or inordinately draped clothing instead of tight clothing. In either case, the message is the same: "I can afford expensive materials and I don't have to move around much."
And anyway, the tight pants of Captain Tightpants weren't part of Mal's every day clothing, so no reason he'd have tight pants on this cover.
Regarding your qustion Simon I thing

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