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December 14 2011

(SPOILER) Marti Noxon wrote this week's episode of Glee. Entitled 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas', this is Marti's first episode on the show.

Noxon not Nixon.
Really? That just made me extremely sad and disappointed. That episode was terrible and made no sense. Marti's better than that. Just watch BtVS "What's My Line" if you disagree. I was hoping she would breathe some humanity, some realism, at the very least some continuity and character development back into Glee. There's gotta be something in the water over there, though. Sigh.
I thought the whole awkward throwback TV special thing was kind of funny, but went on a bit too long. Still I could see the "Martiness" in there. I do agree kasadilla, it was not a great episode overall, I had hoped for better. That being said, Glee has been messy this season and it is probably pretty hard to write your way out of that mess.
Personally I was too distracted by how annoyed I was at Blaine dominating most of the songs in the episode to pay much attention to Marti's writing.

Simon - typi, typo!
Ryan Murphy shows are completely and totally written by the room. Different writers work on different stories and characters. This was basically her time for her name to come up on the rota. So, uhm.
After Point Pleasant I stopped thinking Marti Noxon was only ever going to do good things. Plus her season of Grey's Anatomy was also the start of the declining quality of that show. At least there was still gold in S3 of GA. Point Pleasant was mostly just cringe-worthy.
This was one of the worst episodes of television I've watched this year. I loved Marti's work on Buffy, but I have to agree with Mitholas.
I've never been a huge Marti fan but I didn't notice last night's Glee being any better or worse than it usually is. The character development is a huge issue for me. Still, I watch to see which songs they'll sing and to see what Kurt will wear. Big shoutout though to the set designer! That 60s Hollywood Regency was FABULOUS.
I see people are still expecting Glee to be a show that it never was and never will be.
Yeah, I pretty much just watch for Darren Criss now, so knowing that he'll get some numbers in this episode makes me more excited to see it.
^ lol Darren gets like most of the performances now, so if you watch for him I'd say you're in for a good show.

The fan reaction to this episode has been so poor, I think maybe even the worst any episode has gotten this season. I haven't seen it yet (just about to watch it), but I don't have high hopes. The show's first 13 episodes were amazing, and the back 9 were okay. Then season two happened and everything went totally downhill. I personally think the addition and forced character of Blaine had a big hand in that, along with the horrible continuity and sudden changes in the arcs they'd planned (Blaine, for instance just being one). I still watch, but it feels like a duty now. Once the characters graduate, I don't think I'll be sticking around.
I actually had higher hopes that the guy who used to write Fantastic Four/was called in to try and repair Turn Off the Dark would fix this show even more than Noxon would, but I have been a little confused/thrown off by it.

They're both something like co-executive producers but skimming IMDB suggested that the episodes so far have still mostly been written by the three guys who did the first two seasons and one new staff writer. (That always vaguely surprised me then, that the show has so many disparate threads.)
orangewaxlion, so far this season each of the show's nine writers has received a writing credit on one episode. The six new writers this season are staff writers Ross Maxwell and Matthew Hodgson, co-producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, consulting producers Michael Hitchcock and Marti Noxon, and co-executive producer Ali Adler.
Totally off topic, but am I the only person who liked Point Pleasant?
It didn't start well but the dancing episode was superb television. Lucas Boyd was a great character, I would have loved to see him cameoing on Angel.
Jelly - I liked it too, I consider it one that I wish hadn't been cancelled. I can see where maybe the writing wasn't the best, but the story and the idea well over powers that for me and wished I could have seen more
Continuity on a Ryan Murphy show? Ha ha! It is to laugh!
I just watched it and whether it's because I was expecting it to be awful because of the reviews I don't know but I found myself to be pleasantly surprised. Nicely Christmassy. The change of format seemed to me like something that could have appeared on Buffy (I'm thinking Superstar or Storyteller), and I really liked 'the end of days is upon us' (canned laughter).

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