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"Buffy: Vampires are creeps. Giles: Yes, that's why one slays them."
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December 14 2011

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith # 5 preview pages. This is the first one-off issue of season 9 for Angel & Faith.

Looks like a fun story.
Looks promising, I've always loved Harmony and the way she interacts with the more serious characters. Not digging the art though.
While I liked Harmony, I never really cared for her interaction with Angel so I'm sort of "bleh" on the story here. And oh my goodness but is that artwork bad. :(
Nice plot error to get the ball rolling -- Faith needed to invite Harmony. Angel being able to invite another vampire in would be a total asspull, whether Angel lives there or not.

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Unless... Angel is channeling Giles?
Angel's guilty face when Faith complains about not nailing Spike is priceless!
Yeah, don't get me started on the obnoxiously fanservice-y implications of Faith looking disappointed she hasn't gotten to have sex with Spike, too. I think I prefer to read her expression as being the hurt that goes with a valid point that she's treated like "the slutty one", since that would actually have a legitimate basis in her character and not be just a "isn't he a dreamboat?" throw-in.
OMG, Faith's line in the preview is laugh-out-loud funny! Literally everyone in that room except her has slept with Spike (you might say Clem hasn't, but you never know what they used to do in Spike's crypt at night back in Sunnydale...)
Love Harmony in those preview pages.
Yeah, I was kind of hoping for Clem to raise his hand and say, "Um, actually Spike and I are just good friends." :)

Angel inviting Harmony in is certainly a big continuity error, unless it's actually a subtle clue that with the Seed broken vampires can now enter people's homes uninvited.

Also, where did Faith's tattoo go?
Storm, major mythological changes should never be done by subtle clue. I refer as always to Joss' own statement in the "Welcome to the Hellmouth"/"The Harvest" commentary about the value of clearly understandable rules for the mythology. It's far more likely they just flubbed it.
Angel inviting Harmony in is certainly a big continuity error,

Since no one ever leaves W&H, Harmony is technically still Angel's assistant so she's able to follow where he goes. Or world-building has never been that important in the Buffyverse so ummm really no biggie?

As for the Spike comment, I thought it was a whole big heap of dry humour from Faith.
Simon, that, too, would be a pretty epic asspull if that's how she's able to come in at his behest. It certainly didn't benefit Harmony's own "assistants", which is to say henchmen, in 5.02 "Real Me" ("The invitation was for one"). Straight up plot error. They happen.
This reads like a fantastic story. The artwork is a letdown, unfortunately.
@KOC: I definitely did not read Faith's comment as fan-service to how dreamy Spike is, and I would be quite surprised to learn that that was the intention. I mean, she even states her meaning, which is how unfair it is for her to be labeled the "slut," not that she feels left out of the Spike-action.

Re: the invite; it didn't even cross my mind. Not terribly important to me either way. (I would guess it was a slip, if anything, in which case...I just don't care.)
Yeah, my guess is that the lack of invite was an unfortunate slip.

Also agree that the Spike comment is just pure Faith snark. Angel's face is perfect. You can interpret it as a "whaaa? faith??? oooor,..."omg, I'm in club Spike too."

I'm looking forward to this, but I do have a question. Has Angel ever met Clem?
Betcha Angel met Twilight.
Are people really upset that Angel asked Harmony in? Yes, yes it's Faith's house, but if Angel is permanently living there, and if he's somehow channeling Giles, and if we just accept that it could be a minor minor plot gaffe, I think we'd all be happier people. I think the art's a bit so so, but only it terms of likeness. It must kinda suck drawing real people, because not only do you have to capture their emotion and mannerism, but you have much less flexibility to do it. You can't over-exaggerate like you normally would.

Love the dialogue though. Harmony reads like Harmony, as does Faith, as does Angel.
I don't think anyone is really "upset". But attention to detail adds value. It would have been nothing to move the scene along without needing us to fanwank some bizarre loophole to the invitation rules based on something that may not even be happening in the story. It's distracting.

What's actually bugging me most at the moment is that Harmony coming to Angel for help is yet another dagger in the idea that this book is going to take Angel being Twilight more seriously than, for instance, Angel locking lawyers in with Darla and Dru in Season 2. Short version, either Harmony knows Angel tried to destroy the world (with her in it) and still thinks he's the guy to come to for help, or she doesn't know and nobody at Dark Horse actually thought for a moment "hmmm, I wonder if there's something interesting we can say about how people that known Angel feel about what he did".

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I don't think people are *upset* about it. I think it's just a continuity goof that everyone has noticed.
Christos Gage tweeted THIS in response to the goof.
My guess, it's something to do with one of the guest stars of the next arc explaining the last couple of pages of #4. Sorry if that's unnecessarily cryptic sounding, but I'm too lazy to look up how to do the inviso-text again.
I am gratified he cares enough to want to remedy it, although I might wish I just hadn't said anything if it turns out to be because Faith signed Giles' home over to Angel :) But brownie points to whoever previously offered the wank that AnGile is able to invite people in if that turns out to be the case. Keep nommin' til he's gone, Giles!

Don't get me wrong as a critic, Christos Gage, if you're still following the thread -- I do actually like the aesthetic and the flow of your book, it makes me miss the old seasons of "Angel". I just have this serious "other than that one incident, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" reaction to what I feel like is a less than vigorous analysis of just how wrong Angel was in Season 8.
I just want to comment that not all of us , readers of Angel's book want to see it turn into the 'study of how wrong Angel was in S8'. Because, frankly, what was wrong with Angel in S8 can be mostly laid at the feet of the team who wrote S8. Let us hope that a new writer can avoid alienating the remaining fans of the character.
If we were to approach every storyline and character development with such willingness to take the trite and banal excuse of blaming the writers, and pretending it has no bearing on the characters themselves, we don't need any of the comics, just a bookmark at

Season 8 actually got to a point where the world would have been a genuinely safer place if Angel would have lost his soul, because what he did, with a soul and under a mask, was worse than he did without the soul or the mask. That deserves more than vague references and an attempt to push all the rest of it under the "he killed Giles" rug.
For me, Angel in s8 was not Angel. Point. And yes, it was a huge, giant mistake of the writers.
KoC, aradia; Personally, insofar as I take the last third of S-8 seriously at all, I see Twilight as just another example of Angel's tendency toward DID so not all that application the Angel persona.

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