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December 14 2011

The Nine Greatest Nerd Fears Today. No less than three Whedon-related fears pop up in this list. Ah, lists. Here's another one for your amusement.

On The Avengers: "All it needs to really be is The Single Greatest Movie Of All-Time, how hard should that be?"

Bonus link: Biological anthropologist Kristina Killgrove dissects the science of each episode of Bones.

Anybody worrying about this stuff lives a pretty awesome life.

Although why isn't Arrested Development on this list?!11
#1 is my #1, more so then even Avenger worries.
I am actually pretty obsessed with the #9. *bites nails* That would be godawful of all god-awful-ness-es. Could not care less about Avengers for some reason. Hope to be proved wrong though.
Oooo! That Bones link is my new favorite thing on the internet.
Heh, somebody's been browsing Metafilter... :)
Yes, these three links all pilfered from MeFi.
Well, I look forward to "The Avengers" very much, but it still isnít even the most anticipated film of the next year for me - that would be "Prometheus". My second most anticipated movie is "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Avengers" would come third. "Cabin" is currently fourth Ė partly because of the tiring long wait/endless delays which have slightly dampened the initial excitement and momentum around it + Iím still not sure what to expect from it and whether Iíll be happy with the end result (and particularly certain alleged controversial twist/s). But as the hype will grow and the number of praising (non-spoilery) reviews and remarks about its greatness will mount, I can see my excitement for "Cabin" rising. ;-)

The second linked list is priceless, btw. :-)
hee. I've already warned all my peeps that I may burst into tears at the end of The Avengers; either the movie is not great and I'm crying in frustration, or it's awesome and I'm crying from awesomeness.

In a weird way, I wish I were less excited about the movie. It's hard to live up to expectations when they are incredibly high and emotionally volatile. On the other hand, the cloud of delicious anticipation I'm on is one of the funnest parts of fannishness...

My most anticipated list for 2012:

1.) The Avengers
2.) The Hobbit
3.) Cabin in the Woods -- this sneaked up on me, but recent reports and activities have made me really anticipate the film
4.) The Hunger Games
I'm not sure I understand the expectations gap on the Avengers. I'm hoping for a solid story with some good dialogue. I know Marvel isn't going to allow anything Earth shattering that could prevent making future movies about any of the charecters($$$), so it's not like Joss is playing with all the colors in his crayon box. Enjoyable is what I'm looking for; a movie that is anything more or less would be shocking.
You know how the scariest things are the ones you didn't realize you were scared of until someone mentions them offhand?

...I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.
HWL about Avengers.
Terrified about Dr. Who.
I don't even watch Dr. Who and Im terrified that could happen.
#9 just makes me think of #10: Robert Jordan Dying Before Completing the Wheel of Time Series*. Oh wait...

* rasfwrj ftw

[ edited by brinderwalt on 2011-12-15 05:26 ]
I can't say I'm bothered by the idea of an American Doctor Who spinoff, or more bad Isaac Asimov or PDK adaptations. I won't have to watch them, and I can move on with my life. The end.

The Avengers makes me nervous though. soooooo nervous. I really do want it to be good. But dammmmnnnn, I think the deck is stacked against it, partly because of the four franchise characters only one has, I think, been very well served by his own films (that's Tony). Add the mediocre set-up for Loki's story in Thor, and, well....

My most anticipated film of 2012 is probably Much Ado. :)

[ edited by WilliamTheB on 2011-12-15 09:08 ]
...the original pilot was never aired...
Weirdly enough, I'm not worried that Joss won't be able to handle the character development and plot restrictions on The Avengers. He's one of my favorite writers working today because of his inventiveness and creativity when it comes to characters, relationships and innate storytelling. I think he had to deal with thornier issues on Serenity.

I am actually worried about the visual look, action scenes and filmic pacing. I love Serenity but it doesn't quite work for me purely as a piece of cinema, while I love it as an extension of the Firefly universe. I want The Avengers to work as a great movie, one that moves and exhilarates as a piece of visual entertainment beyond the scale of television. So I'm on tenterhooks until May 4.
I am totally sanguine about "The Avengers." At worst, it will be just fine and make a huge sum of money. At best, it will be incredibly great and make a huge sum of money. I think I'm more worried about how long it will take "Much Ado" to get to a venue where I'll be able to get a ticket. (Will it play at a film festival in L.A.? Possibly. Will I be able to get a ticket before it sells out in three seconds? Possibly not.)

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