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December 14 2011

How I drew Malcolm Reynolds. Dan Dos Santos takes us through the process of creating the cover art for the Serenity comic book for Free Comic Book Day.

Nathan tweeted the cover art yesterday.

I always wonder what kind of work goes into these sort of showpiece covers, and it was nice to see such a detailed description of the process for this one. The end result of DDS's work is fantastic. It reminds me a lot of the covers for the first Serenity comic book series which were all such beautiful portraits of the crew.
Nice insight to a nice cover. I thought I immediately recognized Mal's face from a Serenity (the film) screen shot, maybe publicity shot, set in the bar after River was deactivated. I love those rough sketches, and how great and rather finished they look.
Edit: I was wrong, it was this picture I was thinking of:

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Now I know why the pants are, as some have mentioned, loose-ish. And I thought I recognized the hair and face as one of my favorites. The warm color palette is appreciated. I disliked the film's cold blue coloring. A lot.

Good Lord, what a lot of work goes into a single image such as this, from gesso to varnish! Thanks for the blow-by-blow.

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