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December 15 2011

Two new UK banners for 'The Avengers'. The movie opens there on the 27th of April.

The Black Widow pic is a bit better this time round, I wonder they (who ever they are) listened to the criticism.
Im confused. Where's Scarlett's butt?
So this movie isn't about Black Widow's hind quarters?

I'm out.
Sexy cape on Loki.
It looks like Natasha is about to take out Clint.
Someone listened. But now I think I can see why they made their original choice.

Sometimes art direction is just art direction. Presumably there's only so much time to do photo shoots like these, and maybe they just picked the image they thought looked the best. In the new shot, I think her hunched shoulders makes her look a bit tense and defensive. Also, in the layout it looks like she's about to blow Hawkeye's face off.

Oh well, can't please everyone. Now we have it both ways, so I'll quit complaining making observations.

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