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December 16 2011

Enver Gjokaj in another hilarious video. This one is Christmas themed. And a little NSFW.

Goddamn Enver is adorable. He needs to be in more projects.
Love Enver, but that was painful...
This is hilarious... but I don't think I'd better link it to my facebook page.... That would be wrong.
I'm with Volo. Fart humor... no.
Wish he'd do some more "Previously on Point Dume" instead.
Um, I think anytime you're talking about using Christmas lights as anal beads, you're well past a "little" NSFW. I still giggled though.
Not, they're talking about not using them as anal beads ;P (That dude is the dude who co-created Glee).
Wish he'd do some more "Previously on Point Dume" instead.

What Kairos said!!
That was so stupid. Please erase from my brain.
I couldn't even get through the first two minutes. NOT my type of humor at all.

Sorry, Enver - love ya, but not that much.
I made it to 1:25...and decided to stop waiting for the funny. The relativity of time is amazing. It felt like a very long 1:25 to me. Maybe my attention span has truly been ruined by the modern age?

Also, thirding the wish for more Point Dume.
Yeah, having to agree, not my type of humor.

But, hard to tell there isn't a good enough shot of her, but is the female elf Tink from the Guild?

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