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December 16 2011

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 # 5. Early preview of first one off story for Buffy Season 9.

Wow. and interesting.
Restless part deux?
I love Moline's art style.
Just when you think you're safe
Love, love, LOVE that panel at the bottom of the second page where Buffy back-stakes the zompire.
Nice to see Moline's art again. I've missed it. Yes it's a little cartoony, but I enjoy it immensely and it somehow works for BtVS
OMG that's awesome. Love it. What a great preview.
Are these pages up anywhere else? For some reason the pictures aren't showing up for me.
@Shep - try here:
I still can't see these no matter where I go to look. Weird. Anyone want to describe? :)
Preview pages ghetto transcript

Page 1/Panel 1: We see Buffy, Dawn, and Xander, all armed and dressed in pretty standard ZA couture (Buffy in a tattered t-shirt, Xander in a ripped jacket, etc). Buffy has a stake, Xander a bat, and Dawn appears unarmed. They are staring at what seems to be an oncoming horde of... something.

BUFFY: I've seen worse.
XANDER: I'll take the one on the left. You get the rest.

Panel 2: Dozens of Zompires swarming around the pool deck and up the stairs at what appears to be Buffy's apartment complex.

Page 2/Panel 1: Dawn is working on the door handle to Buffy's 2nd floor apartment. Xander and Buffy are wailing away at zompires to give her cover.

DAWN: Your key, Buffy!
XANDER: If we're stuck in a zombie movie, why don't I have a shotgun?

Panel 2: Buffy stakes a zompire.

BUFFY: Because this isn't a movie.

Panel 3: Dawn and Xander have the door open, and dash into Buffy's apartment.

XANDER: Last one in is a rotten zompire!

Panel 4: Buffy stakes another zompire, buying herself some space.

Panel 5: Buffy is leaning against the door, safely inside her apartment.

BUFFY: We made it.

Page 3/Panel 1: Buffy opens her eyes in response to a GRRRRR sound.

BUFFY: Xander...? Dawn...?

Panel 2: reverse on Xander and Dawn, who are now zompires, both snarling at her.

Panel 3: They tackle Buffy together.


Panel 4 and 5 -- Xander and Dawn on top of Buffy reaching to nom on her, and getting closer before... (end of preview).

Zompire Xander and Dawn trying to eat Buffy is oddly reminiscent of Xander/Willow eating Cordy to me. But that's not important.

Interesting dream touches -- seems to be an intentional Key reference to have Buffy's dream eidolon of her be the one looking for one. "Your key, Buffy!" Yes, yes you are, Dawn. Probably not important either, though.
Thanks King of Cretins. I appreciate. Is it completely clear that this is a dream?
I would say yes. Even if Xander and Dawn perfunctorily being lost into irretrievable zompirism between panels wasn't enough, it's also completely un-caused and surreal, the sort of thing that happens in a dream.
@Xane: Have you tried SlayAlive? I put them up yesterday:
Thanks for trying Wenxina, I could see the little pictures within the post but when I clicked on them, I just got more red Xes.
@Xane: Sorry to hear that. If you shoot me an e-mail at, I can send you the jpg files.

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