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December 19 2011

Charisma Carpenter talks about Whedon World and Buffy Season 3. This is taken from a conference call about Charisma's new role on the ABC Family show "The Lying Game".

In fact, if you have a major Buffy/Angel “omg I LOVED you” type of fan encounter with Charisma Carpenter, you’ll be glad to know she generally finds them “pleasant and endearing.” The only really unsettling stuff is when someone wets themselves. This did happen to Carpenter, a very “sweet girl” actually pee’d her pants. Carpenter said it was awkward knowing “that level of excitement and emotional intensity is being caused by you.” She said it is “both flattering and unsettling” adding, “I don’t know how Justin Bieber deals!”

Yes, that WOULD BE unsettling!
I was on this call, too. I'll post the full transcript later this week.
Of course I'll try to control myself if I saw a Buffy Angel cast or crew member, but I'm sure I wouldn't be at this level of emotion.
Wow. I thought I was a serious fanboy, but I cannot really grok that level of emotion. When I marched with many of the Whedonites during the writer's strike, I managed to control my bladder just fine. Then again, that was a more focused and serious occasion.
I think I'd make a doctor's appointment STAT if that happened. I've met a few of the Whedonverse actors. Nervous, yes, speechless, absolutely. Pee'd myself. Ah, no. I guess it's kind of like the Beatles fans. Those gals would cry and pass out. Having seen footage of that, I just don't understand. I've never felt that level of adoration for someone.
Benisglory - I am right there with you. The first Whedonesque actor I met was Jewel Staite a couple years ago at Seattle's ECCC. I was excited to get her autograph until the moment I got to the front of the line. While I did not pee myself, I was so nervous I couldn't get one word out, and electricspacegirl was forced to do all the talking for me. It is kind of weird actually since we know actors are just regular people like us, but it can still be unsettling to meet them in person, especially the actors we have watched on TV or in the movies so many times that we sometimes feel like we know least until we get face to face with them and realize we don't really know them at all.

I imagine in Charisma's mind, while the incident may have been embarrassing for everyone involved, she probably prefers it over that of a psychotic stalker (granted, as beautiful and seemingly nice as she is, she has probably had more than her share of obsessed fans over the years).

Also, ABC Family's media relations group emailed me a shiny copy of the full transcript in all it's glory this morning. If anyone wants to read or post it somewhere for the enjoyment of all or perhaps know a place I could post it, feel free to email me or whatever (I am woefully inept at all things internet).
Looks like on New Year's Day they are doing a marathon of the first ten episodes, for anyone like me that missed it's existence (and wants to be caught up for watching dear Charisma join the show :o) )

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