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December 20 2011

Merry Christmas from SFX. A special message from SFX with some Whedon goodness.

I was just watching, very entertaining it was too.
So where was the piece - the text - from?
Squee - that was GRRM!
Isn't this just a general urban legend? I've heard of similar stories where it was a burglar in a Santa suit, just a burglar in a vacation home, ...
It is a bit of an urban legend, yes, but that specific monologue is directly from a scene in "Gremlins" where Phoebe Cates tells everyone why she doesn't like Christmas.
And Stephen Moyer was in it, too. It credits Joe Manganiello, but I didn't recognize him.
I loved seeing my superheroes from 'Misfits'! Squee....
Wow. I just watched Gremlins and then came online to find this.

I found it funny how different people did it. From serious to laid back, from silly to grave. I feel guilty, but I laughed hearing James' serious part after the less serious ones.

Btw, what is he wearing? I assume it's for a movie/show I don't know he's in?
James is the anti-cherry on top of this cake.
PS You should have put up a spoiler alert, considering James' dreadful revelation. I'm having a hard time taking it all in, and there's a drift of wet tissues about my feet.
Wah, wah! James you killed the Christmas for so many hopeful children.
OMG that outfit! And so serious despite it! Love it...
Oh that was just fun. Fit my mood today. How delightfully wretched.

I've been so overwhelmed in holiday stuff that I just want to roll in my geeky stuff and can't! This was perfect.

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