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December 20 2011

Patton Oswalt On Comedy, Change, And What Happens If You Never Leave Home. On last Sunday's NPR Weekend Edition, Oswalt discusses with host Audie Cornish his upcoming role opposite Charlize Theron in the black comedy "Young Adult."

It's a nice little interview. Kind of surprised it wasn't posted the day it aired.

Ok, I'm going to ask again, since the last post about him fell off the board before anyone could answer me:

Maybe someone can clear something up for me - what, exactly, does it take for an actor to become "one of ours"? I they just have to work with Joss once or twice? 'cause...that's a whole lotta folks to be in our 'verse. That'd be like...every single person who ever guest starred on "Buffy," "Angel," "Firefly" or "Dollhouse."

So like for instance...Musetta Vander. Willie Garson. Conchata Ferrell. Melinda Clarke. And that's just off the top of my head.
Well ... if I had to guess, Patton Oswalt also wrote the Serenity comic "Float Out", so that puts him in a different class than the average guest star.
I love Patton. Thanks for putting this up. As far as making them "one of us" I think there's this unspoken rule of thumb ratio where maybe it's how many appearances to significant importance of role to off handed pop culture influence to real world recognition? I don't know. One day Whedonesque will just be a hybrid version of IMDB, Wikipedia and E!
Did anyone else see Patton on Conan tonight? It was a pretty good segment. Way better than the one that followed it. (Geez!)
I did, and he revealed a surprising scene in "Young Adult". Good think I saw the film when I was properly surprised. It's also a tender scene, too. See it!
And so what if Whedonesque may turn inro a hybrid of E! and Wikipedia? It would be better than both of them combined. Thanks to Dollhouse, Patton showed he has range as an actor.
Impaler - if you want to see range from Patton you should definitely check out Big Fan which came out before Dollhouse. Nothing happy or fun about that movie although there is a certain degree of humor to it. That was pre-Joss, but it was the last time I looked at him as a "funny man" even though I knew he could play that part.

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