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December 21 2011

IMDb poll: favourite Christmas episode. Amends from Buffy Season Three is one of the options, based on this Examiner article.

I don't like Amends much, so I went with The X-Files. But where's the Addams Family Christmas episode?
I voted for Amends, but if 'A Very Supernatural Christmas' was up there it would have had my vote!
If Dr Who was on the poll I'd gone with that but Amends it is.
Both the list and the article are my work (although "Huggo" didn't bother to give me any credit when he submitted the poll to the IMDB). Here's the link to the original list, which I compiled two years ago:
Don't really like Amends. Voted for Batman.
Oh It was the Office for me, no question. I tear up at the end every time I see it. Simply wonderful writing.
I think I would want to include the M*A*S*H episode "Death Takes a Holiday" on the list, myself. (Then I could vote for it. ~_^) That's the one where:

"It's Christmas time again. The surgeons and staff are throwing a Christmas party in the mess tent, and the children from the local orphanage are coming to join in the fun. B.J. donates a box of fudge from Peg and Charles donates some smoked oysters. Everybody in camp thinks Charles is a Scrooge, but, under the cover of darkness that night, Charles generously and anonymously donates packages of chocolate bars from home to the orphanage. The Christmas party takes off without a hitch. Colonel Potter dresses as Santa Claus and the children are having fun, but Hawkeye, B.J., and Margaret miss out on the festivities when a mortally wounded man lands in pre-op. When learning the man is a husband and loving father, B.J. tries with all his might and skill to delay the man's death so his family won't remember this Christmas as they day their daddy died. Will they succeed? Or will they somehow be able to move the hands of time so the man makes it until after Christmas?"

-From the imdb (It's way better than they make it sound.)
It's funny, "Hush" was required holiday viewing for me for about ten years. Just the fact that it first premiered right before Christmas makes me associate it with the season, though it has nothing to do with it! As far as actual Christmas 10th episodes go, Amends is great. The "Angel on top" line is one of those too-perfect, so unique Buffy moments.

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