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December 21 2011

(SPOILER) CBR interviews Zack Whedon about the Star Wars/Serenity comic book. And Comics Alliance talks with Fabio Moon, the artist for the Serenity comic.

Weird that CBR says Gabriel Ba is doing the art, when he isn't.
Well an ongoing post-Serenity movie comic book series would certainly move the fandom into new uncharted waters. On the one hand, we get new stories. On the other hand, it would help kill off any notions of another tv series or movie for the forseeable future.
I think they fixed it.
They can't move forward until I finally find an artist for my still-unproduced fan comic about just how much Mr. Universe really knew. So says me!
New stories vs clinging to the impossible the very improbable... I'll get the new stories, thank you.

eta: this is in response to Simon's comment.

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