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December 21 2011

Watch the teaser trailer for Danny Strong's "Game Change". Everyone's favorite Superstar, Danny Strong, occasionally writes amazing movies based on real-life American politics. This is the trailer for his newest one.

These are all great, and this one is based on my favorite political book ever, so I know I'm just going to eat this up. This trailer is really odd though, Mediaite said the trailer treats Palin like the shark from Jaws, which is hilariously accurate.

It does look like Julianne Moore has Palin down beautifully though, maybe better than Tina Fey even.
McCain WISHES he looked like Ed Harris.
I loved Recount so I'm looking forward to this. If the "Just find me a woman" thing is true then McCain, or his people since he only met her once I believe, for about five minutes, really screwed up.
I'm glad he's having success and look forward to him writing a movie I will actually want to see :)
I loved "Recount" also and can't wait for "Game Change." The music does sound a little bit like the "Jaws" theme :)
I don't normally like political movies; I know Danny has a reputation for being even-handed but I admit to a thin skin and short fuse and don't like watching things I can't get past the surface to see the quality.

Since my own fantasy* of Danny's starring in a Billy Rose biopic won't happen, maybe, since he has a track record now, he should write one and shop it around; plenty of short actors who can play Jewish are available. Maybe he should do it as the "book" for a musical and get Adam Busch to do some music and lyrics. I can dream . . . .

* 4-and-half hour musical on Bravo, starring Danny, with Amber as Fanny Brice, Julie as Eleanor Holm, and Mercedes as Joyce Matthews.

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