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December 22 2011

Buffy reboot gets staked? Hero Complex tweets that the writer has been fired and the project is in limbo. ETA: There's an article that goes into greater detail on the Hero Complex site.

I'm actually a bit disapointed. I was against it when I first heard it, since it didn't have Joss' approval, and I still feel a bit weird about it, but I still wonder what it would have been like.
Excellent news. Now, if the movie HAS to happen, let it be under JW's watchful eye, and Jane Espenson's magic pen (keyboard). Raimi is herding the reboot of Evil Dead, and it's the only thing that keeps that interesting and stopping a fan revolt. A similar move is required here.
but I still wonder what it would have been like.

I don't think we'll ever find out. I feel sorry for the writer as she seemed really nice and it was her big break. Don't feel that sorry for anyone else involved. The project drew almost universal mockery. But another 10 or 15 years down the line, I wouldn't seeing what could be done.
Wish we had details. Last we'd heard on Twitter, if I recall, was she'd turned in her draft in August and it was out of her hands.
It's unfulfilling creatively, but I bet she still made enough to keep her going. Certainly curious to see what she does next. Seemed nice and all.
Probably for the best... But I would really like to read the script she turned in.
More from LAT:
I don't have details about the back and forth but I know 100% (and from two sources) that script was rejected as unworkable

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To the fans, it's a relief. To the writer, it's a major disappointment.

I was never comfortable with the idea of someone taking Joss's beloved characters, essentially his babies, and basically saying "I like what you came up with, but I can do it better."

If, instead, they had approached him and said "Hey, I've got an idea for your characters that I think would make a great movie. Would you work on it with me?" I would have been much more receptive. Even if all he did was script doctoring.

(I'm not saying that was the author's attitude - from what I understood, someone else came up with the movie and asked her to write it.)
The only way a reboot could ever be done even remotely respectfully is to have it take place in a world without shrimp. And with Joss overseeing the project.
The writer of the project is a very cool lady and I wish her the best on future projects. She should write a New Girl spec.
Thanks God!
This is a great Christmas present :P
I wish nothing but the best for Whitney Anderson but I'm very glad this project is dead.
I'd still go for a Buffy "what if" anthology series, with cool writers' takes on the concept, exec'd by Joss. Otherwise, I see no reason why Buffy can't go the Sherlock Holmes route one day, but that day isn't today.
Oh golly, B!x, I think the Holmes reboots by Ritchie are beyond deplorable and completely unrelated to the mythos. If that is what you meant.
They are hardly the only spins on Sherlock that have existed over time. The current modern-day BBC ones, for example. My point is only that there's nothing inherently wrong with characters becoming cultural figures that many people, eventually, get to take out to play. Quality and fidelity to pre-existing mythos is irrelevant. Timing is relevant.

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This is something of a "whew" for the fandom, and I hope the project stays out of the news through this next year, the Year of Whedon. I'm sure it was a disappointment for the writer to have the script rejected, but she was likely in over her head to begin with. And I still cannot fathom why anybody would put herself in that position, given all the circumstances. (The money must have been really good.) I'm sure she will grow from the experience, so I'm not too sorry for her. I'm just happy for us.
"Looking for a new writer" - If this is really coming, they can't do this, it's a disrespect with creators and fandom.
"Slayer" is still in continuity with Season Eight and Season Nine, it's not definitely over or only in our good memories.
Buffy still lives, they can't get such a strong cultural icon and do what the Hell they want with it just because vampires are now a silly fad.
But I'm in favor of a movie with at least Whedon and the original crew and I just do 'whew' under this condition.
For godness' sake!
I can't recall why, but something about her made me like her. I hope she comes up with a more original idea. Maybe gets Joss blessing to take the slayer mythos and write about past slayers. I think that would go over way better with the fans, even if he had nothing to do with the writing.

Actually, what I would love would be a "Tales of the slayers" mini series, each episode dealing with a different slayer. Maybe even with the slayers that Spike killed. JM could make small guest apperances in the episodes with the slayers he killed. Maybe he tries to kill the slayer who was chosen right before Buffy, but she dies for some other reason before he can do it(then he and Drusilla runs into the mob), and we're left knowing that soon, Buffy will be approached in her school by a guy saying she's the chosen one.

Not gonna happen, but I could dream.
Good. Couldn't risk having "Buffy" become a multi-generational pop culture institution through reimagining and rebooting from time to time. That has worked out horribly for "Batman", "Superman", "James Bond", "The Lord of the Rings", "Star Trek" and "Star Wars".

I hope they soldier on and just get a better script -- if that means Joss Whedon, great, if that means someone else that is up to the job of delivering a good movie, that's okay too.

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According to the writer, she turned the script in in July.

Not surprisingly, I feel exactly zero sorrow about this, but I agree that, as b!X says, timing is relevant. Later, you know, maybe when Joss isn't still writing Buffy characters or something.

I loved this, from AV Club's Sean O'Neal:

"(Though to be fair, it was better than what Warner Bros. initially had on the page, which was 'NAME RECOGNITION + REMAKE + SEXY GIRLS - WHEDON - WHINERS x 3-D? = FUCK YOU.')"

Can I say I'm unsurprised? Because as time went on, I... well, let's just say that I'm unsurprised.
I was interested in seeing what it would be. It's not like they were going to make a Joss Buffy movie if they didn't have this so what's the difference?
If they really want a reboot of a familiar franchise with a girl and vampires theme, they should make a Fray the Vampire Slayer movie.
Wait, when did the mathematical formulation of " - Whiners " ever get involved with this film? This film has been, if anything " ^Whiners ". It could have been called "Butt-hurt, the Reboot Slayer" :)

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I believe joss may own Fray. Or part of it.

I have no problem with Buffy being rebooted, even without joss. I believe Buffy should live on to later generations, and those Buffy episodes? Some of them already look incredibly dated. I'm looking at you, giant internet robot episode.

But my take is if you're going to do it, really do it properly. The same studio as this did the BATMAN reboot so very well, and got paid handsomely (and rightly) for that job. Unless they have that level of confidence, don't mess up my childhood hero.
Why don't they just remake the movie?

Also make the writer the public face of the Buffy reboot at the start, and then let her take the fall when the project comes apart. Hollywood is classy.
Yup, Simon, that's exactly what I think they did. And yeah, why didn't they just re-make the movie?

As has been said about this re-boot in general, many times by others, but best, of course, by Joss:

"I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. "
It is ironic, Simon, that the only people defending Anderson at all were, in fact, certain Whedon fans (or other Whedonverse parties). The producers of this fiasco were nowhere to be seen, even in her dismissal.
I seem to be a contrarian though not by design or desire. I think Buffy should be left alone unless Joss Whedon, who is still living, is involved. Once Joss is no longer with us, it may be possible for someone else to do it. And I hope they do it with respect, which is the problem I have with the (1) Guy Ritchie Holmes movies, which have almost nothing to do with the Holmes mythos save for the name and era, and which overemphasizes the camped up homosexuality of Watson and Holmes that never existed in the original, and (2) the Fincher remake of the already astonishing Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which could not ever have any better than Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander.

Here, Whit Anderson is set up as the fall lady for what was always an ill-conceived idea.
Hey. Ill try. *laughs*
No really... Id always dreamed of writing for Buffy but I know it wouldnt work unless Joss is involved. Sadly the execs etc wont see it. But still writing for Buffy would have been cool. Ah well, a girl can dream. And write her own stuff. ;-)
I feel bad for the writer, but given the extremely precarious nature of the business she's in, I doubt this is her first or even tenth setback. If she's good, she'll eventually make it. Listening to the Joss interview of a few days back, it really points out the fact that perseverance and a thick skin are necessary in any creative career. Especially Hollywood.

I hated the idea for the rebooting. It seemed more like a cynical grab for money than to spring from an actual desire to, you know, continue the story of Buffy. And what the producers didn't seem to get was how entwined the creation is to its creator. Buffy without Joss has been done before, and it's been resulted in uninspiring dreck, maybe because Buffy itself is a lot more of a complicated property than Holmes or Bond. The mix of humor, drama, emotional heft never feel right in any hands but Joss's.
Yay! It's a Holiday miracle! This thing was such a stoopid idea. Now, a letter to el hefe:

Dear Joss,

After you are done with your blockbuster, please make a real Buffy movie. It would be epic. Kthxbai.

I think Whit Anderson is the fall lady, but not for any profound conspiracy, but because she was at that point the only talent attached to the thing by name. That's the unfair part -- the perfectly fair part is if her script was actually bad, it was actually bad. But I don't get the impression that any of the fan reaction is why the thing isn't being made, and, hey, if it is a reason, then the only people making her "the fall lady" is this audience if it caused the movie to get dropped.

If I was a Warner Bros suit, and for this purpose just assuming Joss is a non-starter, I might be curious to see if Edgar Wright has any ideas for the franchise. Or, if you want to go straight to a darker action/fantasy place, David Goyer mebbe?
As someone who, as b!x points out, fits in the category of someone who defended Anderson I should say that I'm sorry things didn't work out for her.
...and the villagers rejoice!
I'd forgotten all about this, quite frankly, and if a bullet was dodged, it was a pretty weak bullet. However, I followed a link to last November (Joss Who?) and found my post. Boy, I was really aggrieved on Joss' behalf, pissed at the wolf at Buffy's gate. Just goes to show how passionate we are about this fandom. For me, it was never about the writer but the people behind the project. I think I'll go back to not worrying now.
Some articles have said her script fell short of the mark, which seems a rather cruel thing to say, because a script one producer hates is the same script another producer loves. (Or at least, that would explain why a lot of bad scripts get filmed.)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans are kind of protective of that show

I wish we could raise money to buy the Kuzui's ownership over Buffy and give it to Joss, so we wouldn't have to worry about something like this ever again.
Hey, hopefully this is the end of this idea of projects for a while. Perhaps the owners will realize the folly of attempting to do Buffy without Joss now? *coughs*
Never felt like it was really happening to begin with.
So Santa DID get my letter. I was against this thing from day one and hearing that it might not happen in this manner is the best news ever. I'm sorry, if we're going to get a Buffy movie, bare minimum it need's to be Joss writing it and best case scenario it should have Sarah, Alyson and Nicholas in it, otherwise it just doesn't feel like Buffy to me
I'll add my "Sorry for Ms Anderson's sake, but doing the Snoopy dance for the rest..."

Key player:
"it was pretty cool but in the end there just wasnt enough on the page."

Translation: "Not enough explosions, over-the-top CGI-y animation, or stuff that lent itself to unnecessary 3D..." Damn, maybe she was doing it right?

Actually, what I would love would be a "Tales of the slayers" mini series, each episode dealing with a different slayer.

That's what I've been saying ever since talk of a spin-off started at the end of Season Seven. Not the rest, of course, but this.
It's been a great Xmas so far! Clips from the upcoming BBC!Sherlock (with The Detective already unwrapped) & a first look at Watson Baggins.

Now this little morsel in the toe of my stocking--& it's only the 23rd. (No hard wishes for the writer; hope she perseveres & learns her craft.)
Good. Now that that's been settled... does anyone know how to fix self-immolation?
No. But it would be good to know how not to spontaneously combust!
Thank you, Santa!

"it was pretty cool but in the end there just wasnt enough on the page."

Translation: "Not enough explosions, over-the-top CGI-y animation, or stuff that lent itself to unnecessary 3D..."

Another possible translation: "Not Twilightesque enough, and would cost more to make than the earmarked Next-To-Nothing".

By now it must have dawned on WB that if they want to sell this movie they would actually have to at least create the perception that they want to "do it right" (although they still appear to be clueless about what "doing it right" means) and that they would have to spend a lot of marketing dollars on turning the public perception around. Coupled with the poor box office performance of vampire-themed movies outside Twilight and, to less extent, Underworld...

Just dust this thing and then we'll all be able to move on.

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Feel bad for the writer. She seemed like her heart was in the right place. And I was actually happy that Buffy was going to be written by a woman. That part greatly interested me.

And on that note, I'm sad for her because the more women we got making it as writers in this business the better.
Marti Noxon (and Jane Espenson to a lesser extent) wrote Buffy.
As did Rebecca Rand Kirshner. Among a few others with an ep or two to their name.
No girl that pretty could write anything useful.

Let's face it. We don't like to say it... but people who focus that much on their looks, especially women, never create anything substantial. Their focus is always on themselves, not the story.
Is that a joke, dispatch?
I sure am hoping that is sarcasm. Otherwise dispatch has sorta missed what Joss is all about.
Sounds exactly like what a rather snide poster said on another Buffy board I go to.

Her looks had nothing to do with her getting the job. Her writing ability earned her the chance to write the movie. However, as is so often the case, visions weren't the same. What she had in mind and what the "big wigs in charge" had in mind didn't mesh, and so now she doesn't have that position.

However, I'm sure with all the internet publicity surrounding this project, she will get noticed by someone who does share her vision, and she'll end up producing something with them. Possibly not a "Buffy" tale, but perhaps something else that earns her recognition.

In fact, I rather hope that does happen. That she's approached by someone who wants to do a movie with her as writer, and who doesn't want to change a thing she comes up with. That would be a kind of sweet revenge for her. (I'm not saying I want another attempt at a "Buffy" movie without ALL the principals involved. Unless Joss decides to use her down the line to bring us Further Tales of Vampire Slayers.)
If that was an attempt at sarcasm or the like, it fell as flat as the proverbial lead zeppelin.
I don't post on any Buffy forums, only here.

It was an asshole thing for me to say, but it's true. Jane Espenson's portfolio is not full of pictures of the wind blowing through her hair on the beach. If the first thing I see of a person is a picture of the wind blowing through their hair on a beach, I will assume certain things about that person, and I will almost always be right.
I think now might be the time for the mods to lock this thread before the rest of us tear someone a new one.

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