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December 23 2011

(SPOILER) What to expect in Angel & Faith. Christos Gage reveals three key words and more.

I quit the comics post-season eight, issue 34. But, I like that dialogue. Faith's reaction to Angel's introduction of Harmony is great.
Great interview.Wonder who from ATS besides Connor and what Ripper spin-off characters are showing up.
My guess (and my hope) is that the other character showing up from ATS is Gunn. If we go down the list, Spike is in Buffy's book, so I don't think they are talking about him, Wes and Cordy are dead (not that it has stopped them before), Joss has plans for Illyria, Lorne is most likely out of the question given his ending in both the series and in the comics, and Groo and Gwen are too "minor" to appear I think, unless they carry over the Gwonnor relationship history from ATF.
I'd be happy to see Connor again actually. Angel could use the support from his son to help him out.

And . . . I really think "Angel and Faith" is the better of the two books. Buffy's good, but there's something about A&F that really hits all my buttons in a good, shiny way.

Plus, more Dru is always a good thing.
My buttons remain unhit so far by either of the S9 books, but A&F is still better, or, at least it is less bad. On the positive note, it is good to see the unhappened Ripper series material have to see the day in any format. I would love to see the characters to come and stick in the series - because Faith being the 'most mature adult' in the series and the only worthy partner is grinding on my nerves. She was never fit for this kind of a role and the series suffer because her sudden maturity (comon she was still stabbing people with dinner forks and taking bubble bath with yet another unfulfilled Slayer-bond last time we saw her) just makes my suspension of disbelief crackle all over. And it is already strained by a pair of flying mustache-twirling light-saber-visionary Team Rockets.
Sooo excited for the Angel and Harmony reunion.
Does anyone know if the "Angel & Faith" comics are going to come out as TPBs anytime soon?
I don't think Angel and Faith is better than Buffy 9, but it's certainly better than Buffy 8!

I think the art has been fabulous, the story is fine, but I still can't care that much about Angel because of the Twilight thing. Giles was the least of his crimes.

Buffy 9 is better to me because I care more about the characters in it. But I am still reading both series, and by this point in Season 8 I had backed away in a huff.
I think Angel and Faith was the more noteworthy start and fleshed out the new world very well, but the plotting and developement was kind of weak in the back-half. Whereas in Buffy, the back-half is where everything came into play and become more fun and enjoyable. Love both a lot though. Very fun.
I seriously dislike the fact that Giles was killed to leave his possessions to Faith, Angel's caretaker, and as a new mean to tell the never seen Ripper stories.
"Despite Angel getting top billing in the title and being the driving force behind the series' action, there is a sense that Faith is the true lead in "Angel & Faith." Faith is the point-of-view character for narrative captions, for starters, and, despite the fact that Angel's life spans centuries, she appears to be the level-headed adult in their relationship.


She is definitely the level-headed adult in their relationship. It's come full circle from when she had hit rock bottom and Angel was the one helping her.


In future stories, you will see Connor and at least one more old friend from the 'Angel' TV show," the writer said, "as well as a couple of characters Joss had planned to use in the proposed 'Ripper' TV series but has been generous enough to let us play with instead!" ("Ripper" would have been a spinoff television series with Giles in the starring role.)"

See, what I feared it's true, after all...Angel has become the sidekick of his own series... Faith is the new SAVIOR leader, and The Ripper is the additional source of the story, because Joss can't or doesn't want to write Angel properly. I fear the Angel in the title has become only a supporting FAILED character, only good to make his fans buy these books...
And yet, it's Angel's actions and motivations that are driving the plot of the story...pretty sure that makes him pretty obviously the main character.
I'm with you aradia ...
I'm with you trunkstheslayer ...
The problem as I see it was in making Faith the plot device for relocating Angel to London ( I won't go extensively on a discussion of why's and how's here, lets just assume as a given that Ripper series reboot with a changed cast seems like a cool idea and I am not entirely against it.) Once that was decided though, it became a tough task to keep balance between breaking Faith out of this role (i.e. convenient plot device or/and a sidekick/potential love interest) and - as another extreme - dominating the series entirely. Let's face it - the majority of the audience still buys the book for Angel's story, even if many of them hate him now. The way I see it Faith is still here mainly to support Angel's story - take him out of it and she has absolutely no purpose and no major drive, because her side story with Nadira is basically a replay of already been there done it failed Buffy, Gigi connections. I applause Mr. Gage for at least making a good try of it (ie keeping the balance) - but dare to suggest that her and Angel being the PoV character should be alternating in future arcs. And my gripe with Faith being too goodie-two-shoes/mature adult in this series to be really interesting still stands. I do get the 'reversed situation' game plan, it is just that for some reason it does not interest me much - maybe because this trope is not one of my personal favorites and has already been overdone with Angel. You can only cry wolf so many times before the guards stop coming...
Jelly: Cordelia was shown in "AtF" as still active as a higher being. Wes would be trickier since brekaing the Seed probably means no ghosts.

dorotea: Good idea about alternating POVs, or is that PsOV? I already disliked Angel in S-5 and that hasn't stopped my following the comics. As for holding Twilight's killing of Giles against Angel, I can't (even if I had still regarded the S-8 comics as real to me by then, and I'd stopped some issues earlier) do that. He's shown at least 3 distinct personalities before, so I just regard Twilight as part of his DID and not relevant to the Angel persona.

Basically, I'm still not enjoying this but I'll be along for the ride.

I can't help but think my own version of Faith and Harmony first meeting- San Bernardino, late spring 2004- was more interesting, but then, not everyone is into femslash.

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