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December 23 2011

Dear Nathan Fillion, I am your number one fan. Merlin's Katie McGrath reveals her admiration for the Captain.

I really wish I could find the comic strip that says something to the effect that the world exists to prove how awesome Nathan Fillion is. And, y'know, there are worse #1 fans to have O.O
I don't watch Merlin, but she is adorable isn't she?
KingofCretins, your wish is my command: here you go.
Oh,wow, she is so adorable. I only understood like half of what she said, I'm not all that good with thick irish accents but I got the gist of it I think. Nathan is very lucky
As a fan of Nathan Fillion, "Castle," and "Merlin?" I foresee some guest starring. Katie could easily be written into a "Castle" episode -- preferably as the gorgeous evil genius behind some magic-inspired crime. This would also allow Nathan to geek out about King Arthur. I have no idea if Nathan, as a Canadian, can do a British accent but I can see him guest starring on "Merlin" as a minion of Morgana.

This just HAS to happen. Really, it does. So, who forwards Katie's video to Nathan? :-D
:: Ponders ::

"A Canadian Actor In King Arthur's Court"
A 3-episode story arc on Merlin

An apparition of the elder Merlin appears to "Nathan H. Fillion" on the set of his moderately-popular Canadian TV show ("Deep Space Police: Homeworlds Security", a second spinoff of the much more successful "Deep Space Police" franchise after "Deep Space Police: Special Planets Unit"), causing the actor to stumble and strike his head. He wakes, still in his character's costume, in Camelot, which is ruled by Morgana, who struck during Arthur along with his knights being away on campaign attempting to defend Camelot from an apparent attack which was only Morgana's trick. Morgana, using guile and magicks learned from Morgause, then convinced everyone left in Camelot that Arthur's campaign left him dead and that she was rightful ruler. The actor immediately realizes the wrongness of the situation, but is still in disbelief and bemusement and so Morgana's interest in him (due to his evident strangeness and lingering aura of magicks, Morgana thinks he may have been sent to her for some purpose) is met with an actor's overconfident egoism until after a night of seduction, Morgana finds nothing special about him other than a singular item he carries "for luck" and suspects he is little more than a fool. She takes the item for examination and abruptly has no further use for him. Exiled from Camelot in only peasant rags but with a few of his possessions snatched back and hidden on his person, the actor wanders for a time, horrified at the primitive world he finds himself in until he meets Arthur and Merlin, who are encamped with a force of knights living in the forest and being considered bandits by the local people, preparing to infiltrate and re-take Camelot. Part of Morgana's plan involved a spell which makes Arthur and the knights unable to wear their armor or bear their weapons without facing an illusory army which confuses their senses, causing them to attack each other. Merlin saw through the spell too late to save nearly half of the knights, but convinced Arthur to order them to disarm and strip off their armor to escape the spell. Unfortunately, a failsafe on the spell is a second illusion that no one can recognize them to provide them aid or grant them access to Camelot. The actor, however, sees them as they really are, and with his mystic senses, Merlin can tell that the actor has been magicked away from his own time, so he consults the Dragon, who tells him to scry for the answer. Merlin projects himself into the astral plane to find the actor in the future and observes him, but cannot see anything which would cause the time shift. The actor has, however, followed Merlin and surprises him while he is scrying. In doing so, Merlin as Emrys appears to the actor on the set of his show, surprising him and causing the incident which brings him to the past in the first place. Merlin must now find out what drew the man to Camelot more than two weeks earlier rather than to the moment of the incident and find a way to return the man to his correct time and place, while still working out how to retake Camelot with Arthur.

In the following two episodes, Merlin finds his answers to all three problems, involving a spell to be performed during a solar eclipse to occur less than two weeks hence which will enclose the actor in a crystal shroud to hold him in suspended animation until his own time in the future, an item the actor carries for luck which is a piece of something significant from Camelot and which drew him to the original item during the recent lunar eclipse, and the actor playing a leading part in getting Arthur and Merlin back into Camelot to overturn Morgana's trickery. Also recovering his good luck/transportation charm from Morgana. ...Who keeps it on her person.

...Yeah, insomnia again. I get all writey. Sorry.
P.S.: Next, a remake of The Sons Of Katie Elder starring Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, John Barrowman and Matt Bomer (and/or Sean Maher... I haven't decided).

Joking. ...Maybe.
As a fan of neither Castle or Merlin, maybe they can star in Dr. Horrible 2? Can Katie sing? She has the perfect look to play an evil genius villain vs. Capt. Hammer.

p.s. Joss, please make this happen, kthxbai.

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dottikin: If Liz Vassey can't reprise the role, Katie would make a good Fury Leika, methinks.
Grotesk, your spec script is brilliant. Long live insomnia. You've inspired me to investigate Merlin, esp as Katie McGrath seems such a charming and down-to-earth type person.
That was priceless! She really is adorable.

Anyone know if Nathan has seen this? If not someone needs to tweet it to him.

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