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December 25 2011

Merry Christmas from Jed and Mo. A PG-13, entirely awesome song.

These two have got to be the cutest/funniest people in the world! I love their songs, and love that they share them with all of us.<3
I don't know what's scarier: their smiles, or the song. It's too bad they didn't release this song sooner. They'd out-sell that Bieber Christmas song easy.
Straight-laced Stepford Jed freaks me out.
Stepford Jed is pretty creepy, I agree.

Hilarious. I love those two.

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Ages since they've posted a video and of course it's grool. Love those two to bits.
A worthy sequel to last year's x-mas video.
Creative, smart, warm, funny and good natured. What are they trying to prove? I despise them.
Adore them and this video.
The elves are at work
They're making your toys
And by "elves" we mean Chinese girls and boys
Santa Claus is outsourcing your future

J-Mo, you are my hyphenated hero. <3
They scared the cocker spaniel out of me.
Speaking of Christmas miracles, YouTube stats show more Likes than Views for this video.

Ghosts of Christmas Future must've voted. =0
389 "likes" on YouTube, but only 310 views. Ooh-kay...

For some reason, this made me think of the "Bones" episode where the Santas are singing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" as the murderer is arrested. One of the funniest (and menacing) renditions I've ever heard.
Jed in a sweater vest is completely unnerving. I question everything I thought I knew to be true.
That. Is. AWESOME! :) Getting a funny look from my mother now!
Best Christmas Song ever... anyone who argues with me will be forced to see my cockerspaniel
Cute couple who do a sweet rendition of an old classic song.
Hilariously inappropriate, which is eerily good for me because I/We, in what passes for my family, don't do Xmas. So thank you Mo and Jed, for de-fetishing 'Ole Nick and trees and chimneys (I wish you could have worked in "Dick" Van Dyke somehow but you can't have everything). Love you, T.
Youtube has some sort of verification thing they do after 300 views. They stop updating the views until that is finished. I dunno, maybe they're making sure all the views aren't from 1 IP address or something. That's why there are more likes than views. It'll change tomorrow.

also, awesome!
That is one funny song. And its funny 'cos it's true. They are indeed the cutest there is.
Been offline a bit & just saw this - a perfect way to round out the holiday. I lurveses it.

I can't decide if this print in the background is creepy or adorable - I will say it looks a bit like me at that age (on the right) so he or she is likely a Bad Seed, and Jed & Mo should prolly beware.

Along those lines, I present y'all with the Creepiest Santa Photo Ever, with my Somewhat Belated Holiday Love to you all.
I think that be Child Jed, QuoterGal.

[ edited by gossi on 2011-12-26 15:25 ]
Ahh, gossi, so it is a Bad Seed. Angelically deceptive, like Hayley Mills in The Chalk Garden.

I think at night it comes alive, and scampers through the house doing impish things.

At least, that is my Christmas Wish.
What a treat!

Also, Mo tweeted this link a while ago and there you can see a bigger version of the angelic child portrait. It's called "curious boy".
He looks like Tate as a child.
that's the true meaning of christmas
I find it quite disturbing that Jed owns a sweater vest like that at at all...

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