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December 26 2011

(SPOILER) CBR Interview with Karl Moline about Buffy Season 9 #5. A little more info on the next issue and talk about the creation of Fray.

Long lost Slayer? Intriguing.
Nikki Mavis Wood
Mavis? I didn't know it - is it from that book you recced, "Blackout"?
I am not so sure. I am thinking First Slayer. Nikki is too obvious, given that we know Wood is going to be in the series. :-)
Yes, Nikki's middle name is mentioned in Blackout and technically it is not canon. I think Nikki's manifestation was promised by quite a few hints in a few different interviews, so it is likely her. Then again,. this is supposed to be a teaser, so I don't mind if it is somebody else.
The First Slayer is a good guess - especially given that she "comes back to say nothing at all". But I think that Nikki is the prime candidate.

@Dorotea - yes, I, too, think that Buffy will see Nikki in a slayer dream in #5 and then will go visit Wood to find out more about Nikki in the next issue.

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But this issue has the fairy on the cover, so the Buffy decoy from the Chain?
@Anca - and the fairy is flying next to Buffy's ear! An ear-canal pregnancy? Could it cause Buffy's nightmares?
think of an ectopic pregnancy being a serious health problem... and compare that triviality to having one in the ear canal... I would pick being turned into a zompire instead...
Well, Joss is quite a specialist in ectopic pregnancies - it's the guy who wrote Alien Resurrection, after all :) And, according to the fairy in Chain "it's not fatal" - so I'd prefer this instead of zompire option.
Screaming, pooping life.
Long lost slayer eh? Are they going to retcon a new Slayer in from Buffy's second death?!

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