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December 27 2011

Firefly inspired music video. Cocktail Raiders - Goad & Conviction.

COCKTAIL RAIDERS, a rock band in Vienna, Austria. NINC! produced a music video for them as a nonprofit project with heavy visual effects and a custom designed and modelled spaceship, which was rendered in Vray/3dsmax and put inside the video by matchmoving/3D tracking.

Wow, that is pretty awesome.
yeah i guess it's not too bad, still i prefer the original line up of firefly and serenity
Um, the production value was good and all, but that is a really weak link. I know the video contains a spaceship and some guys dressed in "Old West" type clothing, but that doesn't translate to me as very much of a Firefly connection.
Wow! Tuff audience. I can't read the language but it does mention Firefly and Serenity in the youtube description and the first think I thought of when I saw it was Firefly.
Hey everyone,
first of all thanks for watching, for your convenience we also added an english translation to the description of the video on youtube here:
>> Cocktail Raiders - Goad and Conviction.

We are big Firefly fans by ourselves and since the band Cocktail Raiders does have a Sci-Fi Western related concept theme in their lyrics and stories, we let this production be influenced by styles and references of Firefly. E.g. the last cigarette they play cards for is by a brand called "VERSE", or the weapons we built for the video have a heavy scifi western influence in design.
As said, its not a Firefly video, its influenced by Firefly, and this is our homage to this great series..

Thanks everyone for watching, and please share the video to spread the word.. thanks!
NINC! - video production, vienna

hi again,
for those pof you who want to get some behind the scenes look.. we uploaded also the first story film test on our youtube account here:
Cocktail Raiders - Goad and Conviction - Story Film Testrun
cheers and enjoy!

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