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December 28 2011

The top 100 comics of 2011. Comic Book Resources places Buffy Season 9 at no. 72.

Its being great; i must be one of the very few that loved series 8 all trough the end; the only problem i had is that it seemed too thin a story to need five yers in telling. I must admit though that i love series 9 as much.
Niiice. :)

Has anyone here read "Who Is Jake Ellis?" ? Also, has anyone here been reading "The Unwritten"? If so, what did you think? Are they worth the time and money? Anything in particular you liked (or didn't)?
A decent placing. S9 has been really great so far, really low key and character driven and it's been enjoyable. Here's to hoping Angel & Faith ranks higher since it's been, in my opinion, the far superior book and one of the best comics on the shelves.

And it'll be nice to see The Guild on here too. I bet it'll make it, it's been a fantastic series this year and Felicia has a knack for writing comics that makes me want to see her do more in the medium. Can't wait to read the final one shot today. I'm sure it won't disappoint.
Also, has anyone here been reading "The Unwritten"?

I am. I really enjoy it, but did find it kinda slow to get into. I'm reading in trades so that helps. The art is pretty good. First couple of issues didn't really grab me, but once more of the plot mysteries start to gather it gets real interesting. And weird. Definitely weird. If you love stories about stories, and about the lines between fiction and reality, safe bet you'll like it. The whole thing is one big literature reference after another, as well as entire side issues about famous authors and/or stories being intermingled and woven around the plot. For example issue 5 detours from the main story-line and is about/features Rudyard Kipling.
@The Xan Man Is that the "The Guild" run collected in the first TPB? Or has there already been a second one?

I'm new to American comics, now cathing up on "Fables" and "Y: The Last Man" and would greatly appreciate any recommendations for new (or older) titles to try out. Preferably comics without super heroes - I couldn't really get into the one's I've tried so far (The Umbrella Academy, Astonishing X-Men) and I think these already were among the more original and best among those.

"The Unwritten" sounds great! I love stories about stories.
@the Groosalugg: Try the Sandman by Neil Gaiman.
@wenxina I already finished The Sandman (the first American series I tried out, probably should have mentioned that), but thanks for the suggestion, that's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. It's about time I read it again (I also have already read the canon Buffyverse comics and the Dr. Horrible TPB, but that's all, apart from some kids (Disney, Popeye) stuff, I think).
Nice to see Buffy on top.

Next 25 are listed also.
The Unwritten is worth reading. If you're generally a fan of Vertigo's output, you'll probably enjoy it. It's my third favorite current Vertigo series, behind Scalped and Sweet Tooth.
Groosalugg: Promethea is excellent for a bit of an older book.
Thanks Dana5140. I'll see if I can get my hands on it.

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