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December 28 2011

(SPOILER) Cover for Buffy Season 9 #8. Cover art by Phil Noto.

Hope that we'll see what's been going on with Andrew, he hasn't been around much this season so far, and Buffy made that comment about calling him for the Scooby meeting out of courtesy.
That's the Phil Noto caliber cover that I've been waiting to see. Awesome to see that Simone and Andrew will continue having their issues. And that Buffy is still in the middle (literally, and figuratively speaking). That thread needs to be wrapped up!
I think it's fab that Tom tweeted the art.
I wish that Steve was still doing the disrespect to Noto, I just prefer Steve's style.
Nice cover.

Buffy looks like a hologram in Andrew's squad command
Is that Angel in the screens in the background?
This cover looks good (I like the feel of it, the atmosphere, etc) for the beginning of a new arc. I like how we're going to be getting more into Andrew's role. I think issue 1's comments might have foreshadowed some of Andrew's incoming development.

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