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December 29 2011

James Marsters in Three Inches tonight on the SyFy channel.

How do I delete a post....? We did this at the same time xane. Great minds -- yadayayada...
I can't tune in because I live the wrong side of the pond but I hope that lots of people do watch so they can tell us all about it!

Han if you go in to edit your post you should find a delete option, otherwise the mods will sort it out. And thanks for posting the link
It's all been taken care of. Is there any danger of this pilot being picked up or are SyFy just burning it off?
From what I have heard, it's a burn off, but I don't really know. There are a lot of fan favorites in this pilot so there were a lot of requests I guess.
Syfy has turned down "Three Inches" as a series. They have it listed as being shown from 9-11 pm EST. So if you are trying to DVR it be aware, it's 2 hrs. not 1. Personally, I was looking forward to this being a series and am very glad that I will, at least, be able to judge for myself whether Syfy made a mistake or not.
Two hours! Well that should be enough to give us a good idea of whether Syfy were right. I'm just glad it will get aired
Syfy had planned to redevelop the series as a half hour comedy after seeing the pilot. However they changed their mind and opted to just air what they had instead.
Oh shoot! The pilot for this show wasn't perfect, but it was really enjoyable in a way almost every other new show this season hasn't been. I'm disappointed that they're not going forward with it.
gossi, Thanks for the explanation that the notion to turn it into a half-hour came *after* the pilot, because I was thinking, "Well, that's odd, I'm not sure I've ever heard of a two-hour pilot for a half-hour comedy before ..."

A little more info.

And a very thorough description

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Thanks for fixing my double post. I couldn't find that pesky delete button.

As for the pilot, I am intrigued. I wonder, though, if it was so close to Alphas (team of superheros) that Syfy took a pass. Still the cast is pretty good and the production staff sound solid.

I've got the DVR all ready to go.
Interesting, because on Comcast, it is listed as a series. I've set my DVR up to record the series.

Is it possible they're keeping their options open?

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Watching now.
Spoilery unless you look it up on IMDB. I shall use previous role names rather than actor names Jesse Flores, Toshiko Sato and DEATH himself!
How dare they give us that cast and drop it! I can understand that they already have Alphas, which I like and is on my Tivo season pass, but come on! Toshiko Sato!

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It was so close to Alphas that there was really no way they could do both. I'm not saying they chose the correct one but they couldn't do both.
Just finished it and liked it better than Alphas, had Death and Jo from Supernatural, Kyle Schmid/Henry in Blood Ties and Brandon Jay McLaren from The Killing. I'm sad it is not being picked up.
Just watched

I thought it had tons of potential! Dragged a little in places but when they picked up the pace it was really engaging and entertaining

Foolish move Syfy, you could have had a winner on your hands there!
I enjoyed it. I haven't seen Alphas so I can't compare, but I'd have watched this based on the pilot and the excellent cast, especially James of course.
I have to be honest, I dislike it. I thought it had real potential, a bit slow at first, some annpying "This scene is suppose to be funny"-parts, then it picked up, but then the end blew it. The characters actions started to make no sense.

Tess was at first fine enough with kidnapping and basically selling a child to a unknown fate (as was the rest of the team) then Walter convinces her to join him and save the girl? And she does it? Then they go back to the team like everything's fine?(I would be terrified to go back to cold hearted kidnappers) And everyone else wants to take the fall for Walter and Tess?

And Troy, who turned out to be a good guy after all, is fine with that the people he works with are immoral, or lack the back bone to go to the police? I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but he didn't tell them about the plan, did he?

The team think they kidnapped and sold a child. I think it was dealt with way too lightly. I would have liked to see some more regret and confusion and guilt from the team(or be shown that they're simply cold blooded bastards).

It's a shame too, because I wanted to see more, until Tess, who seemed to actually have a conscience in the end, talks Walter into going back, instead of going into hiding.

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I haven't actually seen "Three Inches" yet, but I do like "Alphas."
I really liked it. It's a shame Syfy turned it down.
It is exactly like Alphas, and if this had come out first then it might have even been thought to be better... (but clearly 'Three Inches' was always a lame title). However I have to say that I frequently knew what they were going to say before they said it, which is never a good sign. Oh well, it was an interesting role for James Marsters, and I love Toshiko Sato, but you really can't have two shows so exactly alike on the air at the same time. I wonder if they tweeked it, and tried it as a half hour show, it could have worked?

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