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December 29 2011

Pirates of Penzance set in the Firefly 'verse. The Stanford Savoyards' upcoming production of Pirates of Penzance will be set in the Firefly 'verse. The mind boggles!

I somehow think Joss would find this amusing. :)
Now THAT sounds awesome.
That's inspired.
I so wish I could see this...hopefully someone puts it on YouTube.
Damnit! If only the scientific research economy in the US wasn't so crap I would seriously consider moving there. You guys get the best stuff!
The Big Damn Operetta. I wish I was there...send out a Wave, please~!
Damn, wish I could go. Someone needs to film it!
Oh Mal surely has to be the Pirate King:-)
Pfft... as if Joss likes opera. :)

I'm actually somewhat shocked that considering how apt directors tend to be to change things up in classics, this is the first time the connection has been made.

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