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December 29 2011

Psychiatrist and daughter watch Firefly, discuss family. Steven Schlozman gets his daughter to watch Firefly while stuck at his parents' house over winter vacation. Partially continued in the article comments.

I gave the 'Firefly' DVDs as a wedding gift to friends because I knew that the bride had an adolescent son who might be feeling like he was being put through too many changes to make room for his new Dad.... And it worked, they did all bond over 'Firefly', it became a time when no went to hide in their room, when everyone enjoyed the show together, and enjoyed each other enjoying the show together.
I had a similar experience with my daughter. At the ripening age of 50, my wife gave me the ok to fly from Maine to Burbank to attend my first ever sf convention: the infamous 2006 B3 Flanvention. My then teenage daughter, who had yet to see Firefly and made a similar face as Dr. Schlozman's daughter when I attempted to describe my love for the show, poked fun at me. "You are such a geek, Dad!" Then I came back with photos, videos, and stories. The convention was canceled as my plane landed, but the Southern Browncoats, the cast of Firefly and other Whedon shows and even actors from other shows who heard of our plight, and many others rallied to create a weekend convention far better than what had been originally planned, making convention history.

You see, Dr. Schlozman is right: "It's about family."
Something we Browncoats have always known, and B3 affirmed.

My daughter hates missing out on a good time. So upon hearing my stories and seeing the photos and videos, we watched Firefly and Serenity together. She then apologized to me (for those of you who have/had teenage daughters, you know how a rare event this is). Firefly and Serenity has been an additional bond between us ever since.

So I took her to the 2008 Creation Con where she met and talked with Adam Baldwin and Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis) and others, got swag and t-shirts and photos with stars, attended parties, had a really great time...

...and I was proclaimed "You're the coolest Dad ever!"


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