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December 30 2011

(SPOILER) The latest major Avengers rumour. Has HeroClix given away a big plot detail in their product description for the Avengers miniature figurines?

With the Mo-Cap men running around I'm still thinking it's aliens (unless Joss has swung for every fence in the Marvel 'verse and is just going to line up all of 'em, which I would be OK with). While the trailer is absolutely awesome, the viewer is given a pretty strong sense that we're not being shown a whole heck of a lot--no doubt due to post production work and secret baddies. Too fun!
Hmmm, sounds like a bit of a cock-up on the part of the toy company. But Hugo Weaving is too good to let slip away, so I suppose it should be no surprise that they'd use him for the big show too.
Agreed, BrewBunny. But I am going to go do some searches on what Weaving's been up to for the last year, hmmm...
Shooting The Hobbit movies back to back probably doesn't allow for a lot of free time, but stranger things have happened I guess.
Maybe he will be in the stinger?
No, he's not in it at all, they're just Jossing us.
Shooting The Hobbit movies back to back probably doesn't allow for a lot of free time, but stranger things have happened I guess.

I doubt they'd need Weaving to play Elrond more than a few weeks at a time in two different sections of the story. The part may be iconic, but it's not huge in length.

Besides, I'm fairly sure (most of) filming for Avengers had wrapped by the time they began shooting The Hobbit. Shouldn't be too hard for the two movies to arrange the schedules so he could be in both.
Could be that the RS only appears in flashbacks, to explain the Cube, what happened to Cap, etc. Which wouldn't stop the toy company from including him in the Avengers line-up. (I'd be more suspicious if they also had a Destroyer figure... which would actually be pretty cool.)

This got me thinking (always dangerous)... I never liked the idea of a Skrull invasion, as that has too much backstory to fit in gracefully with everything else going on in the film. On the other hand, a Hydra world-domination attack fits the bill much better:
1) they featured prominently in the Cap film (which Joss got to tinker with a bit)
2) alien looking weapons + mo-cap suits = Cube-powered Hydra weapons + guys in (CGI) power-armor. We know the Cube is a part of this film.
3) at least one of the trailer scenes looked (to me) like Cap and Iron Man on the inside of that super-sized Hydra bomber

That would also put a different spin on Loki's "you were made to be ruled" line, as he might have been talking about taking over the Hydra organization. (And also gives him an army, but not a Hulk.)
Sign me up on the side that predicts that Skull is (as others have said) just a flashback or tangential detail, and the toy company are just enjoying the excuse to include more fun clickies to click with.

But if I'm wrong, that'd be fine, too.
Yeah, I wouldn't make too much of this. The CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER action figure line had Captain Britain, Winter Soldier, and Bucky Cap figures.

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