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December 31 2011

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2012 - The Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing, The Cabin in the Woods, more Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith comic books, a brand new Serenity comic book tale and more updates about In Your Eyes.

And ten years of Firefly, and Equality Now's 20th.

And - pimping hat on - LUST FOR LOVE, which we wrapped principle photography on.

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Speaking of Equality Now's 20th, here's Joss speaking of Equality Now's 20th, from this past year's CSTS events. Good time to (re)watch it.
Happy New Year! This will be a fun year for the Whedonverse, can't wait for the spring glut of movies!
Happy new year to you all! Top o' the season!
Happy New Year! So much to look forward to!

Best wishes to you all!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to everyone!
Happy new year!

2012 looks to be an exciting year, apocalypse or not.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, my Whedony friends. It's gonna be a heck of year Whedon wise. I can't wait for all the posts.

I am just pleased that the end is coming at the end of this year. I'd hate to miss a Whedon release due to some apocalypses.

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Happy New Year everyone!

2012 looks to be chock full of Jossian goodness and I cannot wait!
So, for those of you further east, how does 2012 look so far?
Happy New Year, Whedonites. I'm going to London in May so I have that to look forward to in May 2012, plus all the film projects of Whedonium. Such a rich array of artistic gifts. Thank you, M'lud Whedon and colleagues. It would be so nice if ASH were going to do a play during my vacation in May (please please please)...
Happy New Year! The year of Avengers, Cabins in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing, and lots more Whedony fun (I'm still hoping for Doctor Horrible 2 too!). I hope you all have a successful and non-apocalyptical 2012!
Happy New Year, all!
Happy New Year! Here's to a year with more peace, fewer disasters and much more fun than the last one.

And all those Whedon projects! Yum.
Happy New Year, fellow Whedonesquers! Thanks to the mods for keeping it running and thanks to everyone for keeping it entertaining and informative, and thanks to Joss et al for giving us something to talk about and look forward to in 2012!
So, for those of you further east, how does 2012 look so far?

Remarkably like 2011. Also hot, if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.
Happy New Year!

After the New Year fireworks, at 12.05 a.m., local ITV put on Serenity. Start as you mean to go on!
Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!
Happy New Year, y'all!!
Happy New Year everyone
Happy New Year to you folks. It looks like a good year is coming up. Cant wait for all the Whedon shinyness :)
Happy New Year to all the Whedon family, friends, loved ones and other fans here's to getting the signal through.
Amazing that so many years later the Whedonverse is still going strong; a true testament to the greatness that is Joss Whedon. So thankful that the ingenious works of this talented man continue to be an enduring source of inspiration and comfort in my own life. Here's to new beginnings and much to celebrate in 'the year of Joss!' Happy New Year all!
Happy new year. Heres to 10 years of reading Whedonesque.
With all the busy, I wonder how far off the Dr. Horrible sequel and Wastelanders might be. In any case, I'm very much looking forward to those other things.
Happy New Year everyone!

And there's a new Serenity comic book coming??? *happy day*
Happy New Year everyone! Here's hoping it's a good one!
Happy New Year!! This is looking like the best entertainment year ever, so if the apocalypse comes in December, I think I'll be satisfied. Assuming we're able to see Much Ado and In Your Eyes before December....

Here's hoping we don't have to worry about it! Cheers to a very Whedony Year!! :oD
Happy New year! This will also mark the 5th Anniversary of the Browncoats Backwoods Bash, a Charity Picnic held every September (the 15th this time) in Southern Indiana. Looking forward to "The Year of Whedon" with much anticipation! :D
2012 has some great things to offer :D
Happy New Year everyone!
Happy New Year, everyone. I hope the first day(s) of 2012 have been good to you. With the abundance of Whedony goodness we are anticipating, I am expecting a banner year.
I thought you might like to see the Whedony Christmas card made by one of our lovely Goners, Erastus - our Jossir & his red nose.

My somewhat belated New Year's Wishes to all y'alls expressed by one of my favorite-because-odd-and-obscure vintage New Year's cards. (Apparently pigs & four-leaf clovers are lucky New Year's images in a number of European cultures. Who knew?)

I look forward to all the lovely Jossity in 2012 - and may this be a better year for the world.

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