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January 01 2012

The Ultimate Serenity. QMxInsider tweets a pic of the 12' Serenity filming miniature.

They go on to say "We will be publishing a gallery from the photoshoot of this amazing piece, which some people doubted even existed, later this week..."

FWIW, direct link to the larger photo. Clearly the one they trashed on the way into Mr. Universe's complex.

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Leaf on the wind!
It's quite the find, must be worth a fair bit.
Oh wow, this is fantastic. Who owns it? Can we get a coalition together to buy it?
Does it have the kid takin' a dirt nap with baby Jesus as a hood ornament?
As the tweet says, it was found in the Universal archive. So, Universal owns it.
Haven't QMX purchased it? I think Uni' skipped the mule, so they might have given this to QMX.
"Clearly the one they trashed on the way into Mr. Universe's complex."

Isn't that actually the only scene in the whole film where Serenity was portrayed by a miniature?
Is it weird that I want to pet it...?
the ultimate gift for any fan of the series and movie, but waiting for the actually ship to pick me up with the crew.
Ah. Thanks, b!X.
Is it wrong to really want this model?
This belongs someplace where I can visit it. Often.
Break_Atmo, I think they also used the miniature in the scenes where they passed through Reaver space. Look carefully at the scene right before Mal uses the "itty bitty cannon", and you'll see little models of Wash and Zoe on the bridge.
Glad AnotherFireflyfan linked that video. It's amazing. I don't believe that's on any of the various Serenity extras, is it? Although it should be.
Yeah, that really should be on the dvd/bluray. It's cool seeing how they actually filmed the crashdown scene with the miniature! Since this thread existed I wasn't sure if that warranted a new post though.

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