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January 01 2012

(SPOILER) Video interview with Anthony Head about "The Iron Lady." ASH talks about playing Sir Geoffrey Howe in the film, which stars Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher and opened Friday in some U.S. cities.

Delightful timing for ASH, with Geoffrey Howe back in the news this week (for his 1981 comments about Liverpool).
I just cannot picture ASH as Howe. That's like Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Ghandi. Or John Wayne playing Genghis.., wait. Forget that one.

I have my doubts about this movie and its portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. She is, IMO, the best PM the UK had since Churchill but is still underappreciated by people who forget what the country was like before she took office. If a doctor saves your life by amputating a gangrenous leg you thank him for saving your life. You don't blame him for cutting your leg off. The leg was doomed long before you met the doctor.

On a lighter note, is this an Iron Man spin off? Is she in The Avengers?
. She is, IMO, the best PM the UK had since Churchill

I'd rate her below Atlee in terms of historical legacy.

but is still underappreciated by people who forget what the country was like before she took office.

I think a lot people still remember far too vividly what the country was like during her office.

The film looks like it could be good but as a true indicator of what really happened, not so much.
I'll have to see it before commenting but I guess it would be more or less impossible to make a movie about Margaret Thatcher without having some personal bias one way or another affecting the production. She is the Marmite of Prime Ministers, even more so than Blair.

Still cannot imagine ASH as Howe...
I can't either, he would have been my pick for Heseltine or even Hurd.
Dislike Thatcher's policies greatly. Absolutely plan to see movie. Meryl Streep! Tony Head!
zz9, you should like the movie then. It's a very favorable portrayal. Simon, gossi, I dislike Thatcher's policies greatly as well. There were a couple of moments in the movie where I thought I might have an aneurysm over how they were depicting certain events. However, Streep's performance is brilliant and the age makeup by Mark Coulier is wonderful. ASH has several good scenes as Howe.
Wow, this is huge for Tony Head: this film will be seen by everybody (foregone conclusion is a Best Actress nomination for Meryl Streep). I'm thrilled that ASH has a major role in a major film (I don't care at all about the politics, I hope the film is brilliant and interesting).
Shapenew, that's pretty much how I felt watching how Blair was portrayed in The Queen....
Actually, zz9, a lot of people probably would blame the doctor for cutting their leg off. Rationality doesn't enter into it, especially where Thatcher's concerned...

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