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January 02 2012

Joss Whedon's Fray: Motion Comic Book Part 1 - a fan effort. Found this with my first iPhone-search on YouTube.

Does anyone here knows more about it?

Would that make a fourth Joss-movie this year?
Happy New (Joss-)Year to you all. :-)

Seems pretty fan produced to me.
It's a fan effort, nice job too. I added some clarification to the headline to avoid confusion.
Joss would have gotten more than 13 views by now! ;p Very good though! Well done.

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I've only looked at 41 seconds so far. Ugh, In the frame at 0:28-35 did anyone get annoyed at how the camera framed the panel? The words are supposed to be read from left to right but the camera pans up to the words on the right first so you end up reading the narration backwards. Terrible.

ETA: Ok I've watched the whole thing. I like the atmosphere they set up by using Beck's score but that camera pan really messed up how you read the dialogue. In other frames they do a better job of displaying the text.

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I enjoyed it. I often think Fray doesn't get enough love as a project. I would love to see a full-length animation of it all fully voiced etc.
I still think joss should do a Fray movie. With Dichen.
I love this motion comic trend because I am lazy. But where oh where is the rest of the Buffy Season Eight Motion Comic??? Abandoned? Never to be done?
Unknown. I suspect they didn't sell well for Fox (although I haven't checked).
Hey guys, finally got a login for this website, I actually made that motion comic, and am planning to do the rest of it. I don't think Fray gets enough appreciation. So much more to show to the buffyverse. It was my first one so it's not perfect, hopefully the next one will be spot on. Cause end of the day we just want to share Whedon's work. There definitely needs to be a live adaptation of Fray, I'm actually a film director and have been thinking of doing a short based around the comic. Thanks for watching it and rating it.
Great job MJRowney! You should try to do a kickstarter project for the short; great idea, so long as you can clear rights, etc. I'd give an arm to see a live Fray project.
Yeah i'm working on a video to show fans what i'm imagining and get their opinion. atm i'm working on a UK based demon web series, called the Red Zone, thats the prologue, my work is heavily inspired by whedon I think he's great.
Hey i've just uploaded some first teasers for the Fray adaptation, unfortunately your not allowed to link your own work, but if you guys go on my page via this motion comic, you can take a look, let me know what you think, and what you want from it. Cheers

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