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January 03 2012

Avengers reshoots in Los Angeles this week according to Bleeding Cool. Apparently a casting call has gone out for extras. More info at On Location Vacations.

Oops! We appear to have simul-posted
Aye, be interesting to see how the entertainment press interprets this. Not well I would guess.
I like the piece they link to, about the process of art making.
Yes. Not many picked up on his comments, but it was a refreshing read.
I wasn't aware reshoots were viewed as a bad omen for the quality of the film. Maybe it's because they are called "reshoots." Generally it's actually "pick-ups." Shots you could not get or did not get for whatever reason, or shots that you decide you want while editing. Sometimes something will actually be re-shot, but usually because of a technical issue, not an artistic one. When it does have to do with the story, it's usually mentioned these days (joys of the information age)

"Reshoots" are a natural part of filmmaking. I'm down with Stanton's thoughts, just didn't realize there was enough negativity about them to inspire his passionate disgust of the matter.
Some films which turned out bad had reshoots. So people link the two together. In reality many (maybe even most) films have some sort of tinkering, even the ones people love. One of my favourite Serenity scenes is the Mal/River 'hand off' scene in the cargo bay, where the camera goes full Fillion head as he tries to self justify how he lives. Nathan nails that scene to the cinematastic frames. Also: reshoot.
I originally thought it said "Avengers reboot" and I was REALLY confused. I see no problem with a reshoot, though.
Yeah, those "Lord of the Rings" movies had a *LOT* of reshoots, clearly a sign that those wouldn't be any good. [eyeroll]
Deep into editing, they had a few "wouldn't it be cooler" or "a little more of this will tidy that up" moments, which as noted above happens all the time on big movie productions. Nothing to see here, although it's nice to think a few more people will get a chance to be extras in a Joss Whedon epic.
Yeah, I especially liked this, from Stanton:

"Itís like me saying to you, you can all go and write a piece about what we talked about today, but you only get to write it once. You donít get to change a word once itís set down. And thatís how movies are made, and itís fucked up. It should be that you should somehow be able to balance economics and let the artist be an artist, and not be afraid of failure or trial and error.

You do it with takes, right? Everybody gets 30 takes, 10 takes, five takes until we get it right. Why should I suddenly be omniscient and know that something will work, no matter how itís written on the paper? Itís a different beast when itís on the screen. Believe me, we know that at Pixar."

Re-shoots fail to register at all on my Picnic meter. (And Serenity certainly was a lovely film.)
Serenity had reshoots too. We all hated how that movie turned out, right?
Never understood the picnic over reshoots. Almost every film does them.
QuoterGal and eddy: picnic meter? I never heard that phrase before, do you know how it came into being? (At first I thought it was a typo for panic meter, but you both used it.)
QuoterGal and eddy: picnic meter?

OneTeV, I believe we can attribute the coining of that phrase to our own newcj, over here in this 2008 Dollhouse scheduling thread.
Oh! I remember reading about picnic... You guys are awesome.

In a random side note, the first trailer for John Carter left me feeling disappointed, but after reading what Stanton wrote I have renewed faith that it will be good... that's exciting.

Reshooting is probably skewed negative by production companies that don't want to spend more money :op Definitely seems like it should only be a good thing. Even in bad movies, perhaps they were even worse before the reshoots!

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