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January 04 2012

Fran Kranz cast in Broadway Revival of Death of a Salesman. Fran will be playing Bernard, a great role. Congratulate him on his Great White Way adventure!

This is how I put two and two together at Google (just happened to go by twitter, and ...):


first day of rehearsal for death of a salesman. i am lucky actor. these people are all amazing. attention must be paid. come see it

I saw this last summer in San Diego at the Old Globe Theatre, starring Jeffrey DeMunn as Willy Loman. I imagine PSH will make the part his own as much as DeMunn did. You go, Fran!
But who's playing Cowboy Guy?

Men. With your sales.
Haha... What GreatMuppetyOdin said.
Did this one years ago. Fran could be a great Bernard.

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