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January 03 2012

Buffy & the Scoobies - "Chosen". From the creator of River Tam & the Fireflies comes...Buffy & the Scoobies!

More on the album, including the back cover art & record label, can be found on his site.

He also has a Dr. Horrible album.

Thanks for the link! You guys are the best :)
Hey Joebot! I actually saw this linked on Set Phasers to LOL, and grabbed both your links to share here.

I love the look Xander's giving Spike. And levitating black-eyed Willow gives me the wiggins.
Oh my gosh!!!!! Joebot, I LOVE your designs!! I have both the Dr Horrible and the Firefly shirt. They are so much fun. Please, please please make an Angel one. : )
Why is Angel on it? He should get his own shirt.

Look! It's Spike! And he has a coat!
I don't see any Dr. Horrible art in his set?
Oh wait nevermind its on his own site but not on etsy yet.

[ edited by will.bueche on 2012-01-04 19:14 ]
I think I like Xander's design the most. Was it difficult deciding who to include, when the cast of characters could've been expanded to Dawn or Anya, to name a couple?
Thanks for the comments! I had a little trouble deciding who to include. The gang changes quite a bit from season to season, so i mostly just kept the ones that have always been a major part of the show. If you guys dig the design, you may wanna keep an eye out on teefury pretty soon :)
Another Teefury offering? Oh dear. Joe, you realize this does terrible things to those of us who are completionists. (Also, I hope it's not going up during the week of January 29!)

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