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January 04 2012

(SPOILER) When Buffy met Hellboy - that game-changing sketch. Dark Horse's PR campaign for Buffy Season 9 #8 continues with this highly spoilerific Duncan Fegredo sketch.

I think this strongly suggests that Buffy's maiming will be a lot more permanent than people have thought. I've seen a lot of fans assume that Buffy's arm will just be reattached in the same issue (or that it's actually a bot on the #8 cover) but would Darkhorse really go to all this trouble if it wasn't meant to be a big deal?

I could be wrong but I think this injury is going to stick with her, at least for most of S9. I don't think they'd have other artists do sketches about it otherwise.

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Certainly seems to be going that way.
Why dark horse (and joss) ..... ;( can't Buffy catch a break!
I wonder if the Watchers' Council had an official policy on what to do with amputee slayers. It must have happened before. Sadly I imagine they would put down a slayer who loses an arm very quickly.
Message received DH, Buffy loses her right arm. It is not a fake out.

Cartoon is kind of grisly, imo.
I still see the most likely outcome as it being a temporary thing, with the second most likely outcome being an advanced prosthetic. The fact that they are making light of it gives me less of a sense that they are going to try to convincingly go forward with a one-armed Buffy.
I dunno, if they've gone to all this bother then it seems a bit more likely that it's going to be permanent. We'll know for sure in 2014 when Season 10 rolls out.
I think practicality is limiting here. There are certain completely impractical things for which we can suspend disbelief; the entire Buffyverse operates on Waif Fu, for instance. But a one-armed Slayer is not going to best vampires with routine and practiced ease in hand to hand combat, she's just not, not without a prosthetic; and even at that, there's a reason there are no great amputee running backs in the National Football League. They would have to substantially redefine Buffy's preferred tactics and make her more of a sniper/gunslinger type of character.
"You know this arm's not looking so good. It might have to come off."
"You want to know the truth? I only need one."


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*snrk* Buffy's top. And the background. I like this artist.
Yeaaaah... Hellboy's dead and in Hell so this ain't necessarily so on either side.
Reading wedonesque's title "game changing sketch" I'm more and more skeptical about this development.

Allie must've released earlier the cover just to draw in fandom's interest (mission accomplished Scott) because soon they'll release the solicitations and covers for April 2012.

Are we sure it's not a prank?
Allie says it's not. So I'm going to go with that simply because most people in the game of PR might play with words a bit but they usually don't lie flat-out. If he's doing that, no one will listen the next time.
Is It just me that finds this a wee bit crass? Thats or maybe I just don't get comic book guy type humor anymore.
There are a couple of comments on that Comic Alliance article that were showing their anger at being spoiled through this piece of drawing.

Comics Alliance is a comics news site, right? And they put up an exclusive mockery art for something that didn't happened yet? And didn't asked to upload the original cover(the one from Buffyfest)? And didn't asked at least some clarification how did it happened? They didn't even linked or quoted Allie? Or Whedonesque's article on the reveal? Would they just put that up no questions asked?

Does this really makes sense?
I'm loving this whole promotion. I also don't believe for a second that Buffy loses her arm permanently.
ould they just put that up no questions asked?

Most comic book sites would run any promotional images given by companies.
There's that old Monty Python sketch that leaps to mind, after a boxing match --

"Did you see the champ's right arm?"
"Well, help me look around the hall after everyone leaves".
Simon, but the news site didn't even marked the article with SPOILERS.
Maybe they just lumped Buffy fans in with the rest of the comic books fans and assumed they didn't mind being spoiled? Or didn't care. I did obviously, hence the tags and warnings.
Honestly, I think "spoiled" is more the assumption now than the exception. I remember when it was a big deal, but I find it nearly impossible to avoid getting spoiled unless I swear off news altogether. It's like the world collectively decided for me that I don't need to experience something for the first time when I pick it up, read it, watch it, etc.

I think that's part of why plots are becoming so convoluted these days. You can't even make a single death that epic. I shudder to think the results if I'd watched A Hole In the World in this environment.

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Love Buffy's B.P.R.D. shirt.
I really hope this is either a prank or a very short term thing. After the mess that was Season 8(imo) they've done so well with Season 9. Please don't spoil it guys.

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