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January 04 2012

The Avengers is an allegory for Americans says Mark Ruffalo. "That's really what the whole movie is about: subjugating your own best interest momentarily to further that of the whole".

Hmm...while he is obviously intelligent and has read the script, I'm going to bet that the movie is more about putting aside what people think they want (more time with the other gods, the return of the big-band era, bigger defense contracts with less oversight, a clear kill shot) for what they really need.
Not to drag politics into this but with all due respect I don't think Ruffalo's comment is an apt description of 21st century America at all, and I doubt that's what Joss is trying to impart - he's certainly no stranger to injecting politics into his work (or rather, their philosophical underpinnings), but he's never been that ham-fisted about them.

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Mark Ruffalo is attractive, and has many good qualities :)
I don't find him particularly attractive, but his name rhymes with Buffalo.
I find the tone of the article quite interesting. It's like the author expects his/her readership to be SHOCKED that a movie based on comic book characters to have some sort of message/allegory/metaphor/meaning to it. And since politics have already been brought up, I think his description is fabulously apt for the dismal (and despicable) behavior of our US Congress.
It's okay to be ham-fisted if you're playing the Hulk, right? I mean, whose fists could be hammier than his?

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This is nice to hear. I knew Joss wasn't about to make a dumb popcorn movie.
It's not that I don't think Joss could have put this in there, but I do worry that by casting it politically before it's even been released could lead to a box office issue. Just think if Fox News gets wind of this and can waste a weak dissecting "the liberal Hollywood establishment" before the movie even gets to the theater.

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I wouldn't worry too much about a Fox News jihad, certainly didn't seem to hurt the Muppets (sold out when I tried to take my kids the day after Christmas). Plus I doubt anything will be overtly political. And let's not forget, Firefly/Serenity has quite a following with Libertarians and such.
FOX News would have villianized Ruffalo already if they wanted too, I think. He's been outspoken about his beliefs for a while now (heh, probably all his life). I'm not very political myself, but it's nice shading to actors when you know they are passionate about things other than late-night fodder about their new cat. (Nothing wrong with that though. Ha.) #RandomCommentTangent
I love Mark's comments and links on Twitter about fracking. He's right, too. He has a family so it's very important to him to get involved. If he thinks that The Avengers has political overtones and it helped him with his performance to read the script that way, I think, bully for him.
Excuse the indulgence, but as a resident of Pittsburgh I wanted to say that it was cool to see Joe Wos of the Toonseum quoted in the article. (Pittsburgh is one of only three cities in the US, by the way, to have a museum dedicated to cartoons and comics.) Woo-hoo!

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Yeah... I think we're safe. Captain America was created during WWII and no matter how bad America is now it still comes out in front of Nazis, I'm pretty sure.

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Since it seems political discussion is okay here, I'm going to gently offer the following before hiding in the corner again -- "America is occasionally not awful".
KoC, I used to think that too. But then I learned that America is actually the world leader in the harassment and imprisonment industry, far surpassing other contenders like China.

I now realize my old way of thinking was just stupid, conservative, blind patriotism. Probably came from reading too many comics.
dispatch: I am guessing you haven't read that many comic books, considering how you've lumped them all together under "stupid, conservative, blind patriotism".

Multiple times the Avengers have been interfered with by the government for political (not law-enforcing) reasons.

There was a 10 issue arc by Steve Englehart, where Rogers quits being Captain America due to government corruption. Someone described it (accurately) as, "Rogers discovers that he can believe in the ideal that America is supposed to stand for, and still disagree with the current government administration." When you are mocking C.A., you are judging that character in much the same way that Whedon-haters (superficially) think that Buffy is a teeny-bopper fluff show.
And so I'm thinking getting stuck in a political quagmire is probably not best for the Avengers. Q.E.D.
Steve Rogers watched Nixon commit suicide, you can't get much more political than that.
Rogers just didn't do it in a movie where they were trying to recoup a $100 million (at least I'm guessing) investment while risking alienating half the audience. Even if one agrees with the statement politically, going there will hurt this movie.
FOX News could well have supported Serenity, it had many themes they agree with. But half their audience wouldn't have turned up as a result to support the movie. They're the internet's irrelevant jesters.

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