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January 25 2004

Angel primed for HDTV ..... By any measure, HDTV is growing and growing fast. According to the article.

You may need a subscription to read the whole thing so I'll cut to the chase ....

The most popular programming comes from the broadcasters. CBS and ABC have led the way, offering the bulk of their prime time programming in HD. NBC is broadcasting dramas in HD but continues to drag its feet on sitcoms like Friends. The WB and UPN are taking their time. Broadcast reality TV remains largely standard-definition, in part because HD production is still too costly for the low-cost genre.
The WB
A young Superman and the Gilmore Girls lead The WB's HD lineup, which is in its second season of offerings. The network has fewer HD-worthy events than the top four networks, but, with the help of Tribune Broadcasting, is taking its HD products seriously. Other programs available in HD include Everwood, Angel and Reba.

What's there: The HD demo is primed for Smallville and Angel.

What's missing: 7th Heaven, Charmed and several of the network's other prime time shows.

Man, i would really love to see angel on a large flat plasma tv in HDTV format... that would be amazing:) especially since it is one of, if not the, best shot shows on tv.
Well I can see why NBC is dragging it's feet on Friends as it went out of production last friday

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