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January 04 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel and Faith #6. Three exclusive preview pages.

Great preview. I think this arc is going to be a good one.

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Read #6, it's gooooood. And the art is, once again, stunning!
WHAT IS IT. Ack the suspense, it is already killing me to bits.

And such great characterization in just a few pages! Giles is Head Boy (is that news? Even if it's news, it isn't news, is it?), Phillip is the troublemaker, the red-haired girl is the potential love interest, and Lucy is TELL ME MORE. Twenty?! Could she be a former Potential who moved onto Watcher school after aging out of her chance at being called?

Loving this glimpse into the Council and Giles' history. Only thing is, does this come before or after his Ripper phase? His priggishness is making me think before, but he seems a little too old for it to come after.
Oh damn.. Now i totally want a "Watchers Academy" tv show.. Well a spin-off comic would do to.
Btw. was i the only one getting a Harry Potter-ish vibe from that?
I simply adore the artwork and that cover with a younger version of Giles is just superb. The likeness is wonderful.
I agree, fabulous artwork. Love the rim of the nesting doll and the lighting on it. I also love young Giles. Hubba hubba.
Preview looks great.Love that we've got another Giles flashback coming.Giles being head boy made me think of Wes.I think Giles and Wesley were more alike then they knew.
@Kairos: It's before the Ripper days. Giles was born 1955 (according to Wikipedia and his headstone in Isaacs' cover to Issue #4), which makes him 17 in this flashback. Giles' Ripper days were after he dropped out of Oxford at the age of 21. Or perhaps a more gradual evolution that culminated in the Ripper that toyed with the dark arts.

And at any rate, Christos Gage confirmed this: YOUNG GILES! (This is pre-Ripper.) RT @CBR: EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Angel & Faith" #6

ETA: Gage also tweeted this when I asked if we would see the evolution from Priggish!Giles to Ripper.
@SlayAliveForum You see part of it in issue #6!

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Great preview. Love Rebekah's attention to details. Is it a book on their badges?
Looks to be the best arc yet.
It was never actually established on-screen that Giles went to the Watchers' Academy, let alone was Head Boy. Still, always happy to see some trainee Watcher trouble.
Is the girl inspired by Karen Gillan??????
Great preview!
Argh, darthmarion, you beat me to it! My first reaction to that closeup panel of her was "AMELIA POND! What are you doing in the Giles flashback?!"
Hehe! Well, if there's one TV character who could get into flashbacks...

Giles' Ripper days were after he dropped out of Oxford at the age of 21. Or perhaps a more gradual evolution that culminated in the Ripper that toyed with the dark arts.

Thanks! But might I ask, where are you getting that intel? I didn't think we had anything that specific in canon - all I could remember was Buffy talking about "Giles at our age" in "Band Candy".
Got it off Wiki, though like you, I can't seem to remember those details really being nailed down in canon. Perhaps they're taken from certain noncanon novels?
Kairos, wenxina- From the episode "The Dark Age":

Giles: I was twenty-one, studying history at Oxford. And, of course, the occult by night. I hated it. The tedious grind of study, the... overwhelming pressure of my destiny. I dropped out, I went to London... (exhales) I fell in with the worst crowd that would have me. We practiced magicks. Small stuff for pleasure or gain. And Ethan and I discovered something... bigger.
@menomegirl: Thanks! :)
Excellent! Curiosity sated.
I want Giles alive again. I don't care how they do it.

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