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January 04 2012

McWeeny discusses "Evil Dead" remake, mentions "Cabin in the Woods". In the last paragraph of his HitFlix blog, Drew mentions that he can't do a review of "The Cabin in the Woods", but then makes some very flattering comments.

Most of the blog is about the proposed Evil Dead remake, but he concludes by saying the biggest competition will be CitW. I'm intrigued when he says, "Cabin In The Woods aims high, and it does some things I've never seen in a horror movie before." Considering how much horror genre he has covered, that's pretty remarkable. He also states, "it is a big fat bucket of win."

Evil Dead is a classic. Not sure how I feel about Diablo Cody remaking it, though. Or anyone for that matter.

But the comment that CITW draws inspiration from Evil Dead makes me even more excited about CITW.
If I keep reading all this praise for CiTW I'm going to build it up in my head so high I'll be dissapointed.
So stop reading. ;)
Another movie for me to avoid. The remake that is.

Though with the casting news for 'Star Trek' I'll have to go to that after all. Grrrrr...

Cabin in the Woods, not a remake or a sequel. Such a novel idea.
All sounds very odd. I'm not really seeing any connection to the original film, despite the setting of a cabin in the woods and teenagers. That is like many other horror films (hence 'The Cabin in the Woods'.)

Also, as much as I liked Juno (not seen any other Diablo Cody film), the quirky word play doesn't really fit with The Evil Dead. Slapstick and over the top gore effects are what is required here. I also cringed when I read that the lead suffers from a drug addiction. Even the more horror focused original was fairly light hearted and silly (embarrassing tree rape scene included -probably why it was embarrassing.)

Really not seeing why this is carrying that name.
On the CitW note, it reallllly needs to be April already...
I was also one of the lucky few to see TCITW at BNAT last month, and have been remiss in not sharing my wholehearted enthusiasm, admiration, and affection for the film.

While I am honor-bound not to review it, I can say that (like many) I had enormously high hopes and expectations for it, along with considerable trepidation (i.e. fear that the trailer gave away too much, etc.). But the film is extraordinarily inspired, inventive, and entertaining - a crescendo of geek joy, esp. for aficionados of the genre, and full of ingenious surprises.

It's also a wonderful showcase for the actors, esp. the brilliantly conceived comedy duo of Jenkins and Whitford, and a star-making turn for the fantastic Kristen Connolly (who I'd never seen before), though everyone across the board is pretty great (loved seeing Lenk!).

All in all, I think it delivers well beyond what anyone is expecting, and is more than worth the wait. I loved it.
Robogeek, thank you for the mini-review and know that you are just getting me even more excited for the movie! It's really encouraging to know that at least one of Joss's 2012 ventures is, well, kind of awesome and fun.

I can't wait for late April when The Avengers starts playing outside the U.S. -- I'm already planning to read as many non-spoilery reviews as I can get my hands on.

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