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January 04 2012

Firefly MMO not quite dead after all? A new company has acquired the Multiverse source code and intends to make the Firefly MMO if there is enough interest from fans.

News about Multiverse's closure broke at the weekend. The Firefly MMO died the first time round due to licensing difficulties. How the new company is going to get round this is anyone's guess. Meanwhile the unofficial Firefly Universe Online still makes sporadic updates on Facebook about the game's progress.

That guy is from Liverpool. He's just a guy (a nice guy)- there's no company, they have don't have any license for Firefly MMO at all. The Multiverse source code was released as open source under the MIT license, but there's nothing to do with Firefly in the code.
Fox is draconian when it comes to unauthorized use of their copyrights. If they haven't made a deal yet then they aren't going to allow it to get very far.
why must they tease me so?

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