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January 05 2012

Tony Head - 'I would jump at the chance to do a Buffy reunion'. He tells MSN UK "If Joss Whedon was involved, I would jump at the chance. I would do anything. I would even just do one line, just because I think that the man is a genius and I love him."

I wonder if that's like his stock line on Joss, because I feel like I've read that almost verbatim from him before.

I do think there's a certain irony to the idea of a Joss (and therefore, presumptively, Joss-canonical) "Buffy" reunion and his interest in being involved, though.

Why is it, I wonder, why Joss can't make a "Buffy" episode in his basement, if he can do shakespeare and dr. horrible? I don't think any of his actors would big time him.

Why is it, I wonder, why Joss can't make a "Buffy" episode in his basement

20th Century Fox would sue him?
Or they'd work with him for a cut off the top from DVD sales and downloads, which would be considerable next to the outlay of cost. He could pull it off if he were so inclined.
Not just 20th own the rights - other people (who sold it to Warner Bros recently) do too.

Also, while I love Buffy something fierce, I also love me some new toys too. The only time I want to see joss tackle another Buffy movie is if he thinks 'Okay, this is a story I HAVE to tell'. Because the easiest way to ruin something is to revisit it.

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FOX own Buffy.He can't go and make it on his own,legally even it he had the money to pay for it himself.Plus I think Buffy would cost more to do.Dr. Horrible and Much Ado About Nothing were dirt cheap to pay for out of his own pocket.I'm just guessing but I think even one episode of Buffy or Angel cost more then both Dr. Horrible or Much Ado.That's a big reason why those Buffyverse DVD movies never happened.FOX wanted to make it on the cheap at a budget lower then Joss wanted to go and felt wss needed.

I dont think he could afford to do a Buffy project without studio backing paying for it.And FOX and Warner Bros.(who were doing the reboot) wouldn't let him.
The thing is he did try to do more Buffyverse episodes after Angel ended but it didn't work out with 20th (they're skinflints).
alexreager - "I'd jump at the chance to watch a Buffy reunion with Tony Head." (more like LEAP!)
I think he's creatively getting his fill from the comics anyway. On a completely personal thing, I'd be a bit iffy about the continuity too but would think it'd be easy to keep a film/tv-movie to tie into the comics with a tiny bit of "THIS HAS HAPPENED IN THE TIME AWAY" exposition that lots of things do anyway.

Also, I bet it is a stock line. Thomas Wilson of the BTTF films carries around a card filled with his Most Asked Questions and I honest to gods think that's kind of wonderful.
If they did a television movie, where could it be re-started, keeping in mind that, trying to be politically judicious here, a largish percentage of fans consider the comics to be canon? I would love to see a reunion of sorts, but where in Buffy's story; real-time elapsed, where are they now, a crisis brings them back together. And what to do about the whole what happened to Giles in the comic. It's a pickle.
There is always the Zelda solution. Everything is canon but happened in different timestreams.
TonyaJ, I always thought it would be cool to do the whole Dark Knight Returns thing with Buffy. 25 years have passed and a long-retired Buffy must return to save the world one last time.

They do it really well in the Dark Knight comic when an out of shape, 55+ year old Bruce Wayne sees the decay of society all around him and everything he worked for being undone...he must return and once again don the cowl. If you never read it, its highly recommended!
That's really interesting. Thanks for the link, alexreager!
I'd like to see a story with a Slayer of the next generation, with some mentorship/cameos from the older characters. Canon developments since Fray would make that tricky to set up, of course.
I thought that SMG was finished with Buffy. I'd love to see a Fray anything.

I do love ASH. He doesn't even care that Giles is dead. He knows that Joss will raise him if he has a story to tell.

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SMG always says she'd do a Buffy movie if Joss was involved and the script was good.
hana23 please put spoilers around the Giles statement...
ASH was supposed to do Much Ado About Nothing but couldn't. I hope that we see him in something Joss created soon. I understood his answer to not just be about Buffy but anything Joss offered.
alexreager: Not a bad idea. Sort of reminds me of my original idea for my 2026 fanfics, Willow's daughter Autmun 's getting chosen and going to her favorite honorary aunt (they have the same middle name) for advice. Before Joss killed 60% of my cast and I had to go prequel crazy :-).

Tonya J: It's not so much the fans as that Joss has said the comics are canon and been involved with them. But I'm sure a workable plot could (or, more likely, some decades down the road, _Still the Beaver_ style) be easily cooked up.

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