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January 25 2004

Joss thanks Firefly fans for boosting his spirits during a rough week and drops a potential teaser for the movie.

REAL what? REAL powers?

I'm glad that he is always so willing to acknowledge and thank the fans. It's not that we need to hear things like that but just knowing that he cares that we care is really nice. As for the teaser about the movie...Yay! If he's working on it that's a huge indication that it's going to happen.

I'm so happy too that we will find out more about River!!
You could make a game of this "Finish Joss' Sentance"
"The bit where the crew finds out about River's REAL.....", my guess would be "LY cool scythe/stake thing that she's got hidden in her bunk"
or maybe not.....
Yeah, I was going to say family.

But what about purpose?
My second guess was brother. And that would be sheer twisted genius if it was the case.
I think we'll find out she's the normal one and the rest of them are the ones that are insane . :)
I don't think they can make any really believable twists with the Simon-River brother/sister relationship, since they showed flashbacks in "Safe" that kinda confirm it.
Maybe the memories are implanted. Blade Runneresque.
Or maybe she was placed in the Tam family as an infant!


Hey! She is Batgirl! :-)
Whew. You have no idea how happy I was to run across this thread. I was just over at IMDb and noticed there was no longer any "in production" listing for the Firefly movie (only a listing for the show). Had to come over here immediately to see what was up. Glad to hear everything's still moving along.

Stupid work. Always getting in the way of my keeping up-to-speed on my Jossiness.
Good point prolific. It would fit in with the whole messing-with-brains plotline. I like the possibility of the twist, I'm just resistant to it due to how impressed I was with one of the best portrayals of siblings I've ever seen on TV...*small voice* I don't want Joss to mess with it too badly. Which is why he will. But seriously, "Safe" really poses a problem for that twist. It wasn't exactly stated whose memories those were, I always saw them as matter-of-fact flashbacks simply inserted for the audience's benefit, not to imply that either of the Tams were recalling them during their time on the crazy hillfolk planet. If they were anyone's memories, they'd had to have been Simon's since River wasn't even in two of the three scenes. To make that work, the writers would have to show that it was Simon's mind that had been messed with and...okay sure, that's plausible too.
how 'bout?

... age.

I know bad joke, that was horrible.

Just happy to know that thigns going really smooth with the movie, hope we can see something concrete really soon.

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