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January 05 2012

Equality Now thanks Can't Stop the Serenity and Browncoats. Yasmeen Hassan, Global Director for Equality Now, talks about what has been achieved thanks to fan support.

While everybody pokes fun (or hatred) at fans, you're amazing.
Re: the April event they mention, they'll be showing selected videos from their "What equality means to me..." campaign, in case you haven't submitted one.
It's a lovely reminder of one of the reasons why Equality Now was chosen in the first place to the CSTS charity.
I posted this on the CSTS Vancouver blog last night - as well as tweeting it - so people know what their dollars accomplish and how much their contributions are appreciated. This would be a great video to show before our CSTS event this year.
It would indeed. It's good to see what's been accomplished (and what still has to be done).

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