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January 06 2012

A Buffy pair makes the list of 10 great love/hate relationships. It's not the one you think. Mal and Inara are also on the list.

Can't say enough how much I'm enjoying Angel & Faith - loving every frame of it, but I do hope there's also an opportunity to get the two slayers back in the same space at some point and really focus on their relationship. There's so much that's been left unsaid between the two after everything that's happened going back to S3... and as much as I'm sure they're both happier leaving it there, it'd be neat to see them forced by circumstance to poke around their issues a little more.

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Also, nice shout out to Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. I agree they had a great arc in Storm of Swords.
I really miss that sexual tension between Buffy and Faith.

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