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January 06 2012

"I Like My Scars" - Claire Saunders and the Narrative of Flesh. This essay is taken from the book "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum".

As always - find that tv tropes deals with the issue in a much more ingenious and humorous ways. There are two related tropes.

ScarsAreForever : While it's true that Beauty is Never Tarnished, and it's a Good Thing You Can Heal means it's highly unlikely for serious injury to happen or leave scars in the first place, there are occasions when a character can't count on that to save them, and they get badly injured in the line of duty. These injuries can be scars, lost limbs, or losing an eye...


Broken Bird : Her deep experience and emotional detachment almost always give the impression of competence, though she doesn't always live up to her own hype... This character was a hero herself once and failed miserably, or maybe she was abused in some way as a kid; whatever the case, her cynicism undoubtedly stems from some traumatic event in her past that destroyed her faith in just about everything.

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