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January 06 2012

(SPOILER) First look at the cover art for Angel & Faith #9. Plus there's the solicitation info as well. This issue will be out on April 25th.

Whuh? The prettiness of the Isaacs one doesn't do much to save it from being totally creeptastic. The second one is nice, but I'm starting to wonder about Morris and his need to have everyone making blurry flights through the air.
I really like the Faith/Dru cover, it's nothing new or startling but it's extremely well done.
I like both covers but the Faith and Dru one stands out for me.
I like the stained glass styling. It's very Dru.
At least they all still have their limbs attached. Oh, and it looks like it became fashionable among the female celebrity vamps to have a pet demon. And Dru's pet needs a manicure. :)

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Notice the two angels in the stained glass? One is holding his head and looks like he's in agony (Angel), and the other is reaching out in a threatening sort of way (Angelus). These covers are gorgeous. The Isaacs one is fascinating and creepy, and Angel looks fantastic in the other one. I might have to get both of them.

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