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January 26 2004

Buffy mod. For Freedom Force.


"Buffy and crew fight against a new threat in Sunnydale. The gang tries to figure out what is causing normal people to become part demon. There are no voices in this mod, but the classic Buffy sarcasm is laced throughout the first 2 missions in the text dialogs. It looked like a promising mod, too bad it has been abandoned. Still worth a download."

I keep meaning to get that game for the PS2, it's got some very good reviews. I swear I saw a Vampire Slayer mod for Half-Life some where online.
The "Vampire Slayer" mod isn't on Buffy (just vampires). There was a french mod for Half Life on Buffy but it has been abandoned.
what the heck is a mod?
A "mod" is a game's modification made by fans (ok by geeks). It adds new levels, new characters, new story... to create a whole new game (and it's free)

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