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January 08 2012

Anthony Head: "I had to put padding on my hips and thighs... so that when you put your legs together they don't quite meet."

Anthony Head talks to the Daily Mail about his role opposite Meryl Streep in "The Iron Lady".

'I've never voted Tory in my life. My beef with Mrs Thatcher was that she hated actors and thought the arts were a complete waste of time. But the first thing you think when you're asked if you want to be in a film with Meryl Streep is, "Er, yes".
You don't pass up the chance to work with someone like that. When it's your close-up, the person you're playing opposite gets as close to the lens as they can so your eyes are close to the lens. She would ram her head up against the side of the lens to be as close as possible, so you could fill the frame. She's very, very generous like that and it's something young actors could learn, that it's not all about you.
They didn't pay me a lot to do it - they didn't pay anybody a lot - but the experience was such a masterclass, I'd have paid them to do it.'

Tony is such a love.

He cracks me up often in interviews, but I think I appreciate him more when he's serious about things, like in this one; he's articulate and thinks about what he wants to say so his words can't be taken the wrong way, but he doesn't pull punches when it comes to politics.

And as for his looks...we'd should all be so fortunate to look that good at his age.
He looks so uncannily like Howe in that picture - and he's so very different (and much prettier and sexier) - I am really torn about going to see this film. I lived through Thatcher's era and have no wish to revisit it or her, but the performances sound awesome.
I haven't seen the film yet but I'm glad ASH will get a lot of exposure out of working opposite Streep.
I'm surprised the Daily Mail allowed for a bad word to be said against Thatcher in their paper...
There was a review of the film in the Telegraph with much praise for the actors, including: "Anthony Head can be sensationally dead-sheep when it counts." Which made no sense to me until I read that Labour Chancellor Denis Healey said being attacked by Howe during a debate on budget proposals was 'Like being savaged by a dead sheep.'
Howe had quite the image of the cuddly teddy bear which made his cricket speech even more devastating.
A film filled with fine performances and absolutely no political or character insight whatsoever.
'The whole Cabinet felt the need to point out that she was wrong and it became increasingly difficult for her.

I think it is now accepted that she was in fact right all along. The ERM disaster, that she was forced into, led to recession but after the UK left the economy bounced back, to the point that Blair inherited a fantastically strong economy. The exact same problems the ERM had, disparate economies being forced to match each other, is what is causing huge problems with the Euro today.

On topic, a great role for ASH. Hopefully lots more high profile roles follow. We know he can act.
zz9 - John Major thanks you for ignoring his 7 year Premiership.
I didn't want to go on and on about it... :)

Interestingly, Major isn't even listed as a character on IMDB. How can they make a film about Margaret Thatcher and not even mention the man who was her Home Secretary, Chancellor and then took over as PM from her?
In one of the House of Commons scenes, I did spot a speccy bland-looking no mark, nodding in appreciation. House odds favour it's Major.
I have no real idea what you're joking about but I found it funny anyway :-).

I do find it interesting that an actor felt he had to specify that he'd "never voted Tory."

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