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January 09 2012

Vote for the greatest Buffy episode. This Syfy UK poll has twenty episodes to choose from.

I voted for The Body. While I did "enjoy" other episodes a whole lot more, that one episode gave me something no other piece of fiction has, and I do not hesitate to call it an absolute masterpiece.
Nope, nope, nope. A list of twenty and not including Storyteller? I'd put it over at least six of those. Voted Prophecy Girl since The Body will win anyway.

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This is like voting for your favorite child! Chose Becoming with OMWF a very close second.
Oh goodness. The Impossible Task. :(
Even with a few of my personal favorites missing, which makes it a little easier to choose, I could narrow it down to 5 of those episodes, maybe. But only one? Yeah, I can't do it.
For me it was easy...OMWF hands down. However, take OMWF out of the options and it becomes 5-way (or possibly 6-way) tie.

And where is "I, Robot... You, Jane"???
Voted for Passion. Love, love that episode.
Either "Hush" or "The Body" for me. I just re-watched the former last night, and it made me think of all the TV writers who should be strapped down and made to watch the Scooby meeting scene over and over and over again. If your characters' voices are pitch-perfect when they aren't allowed to talk, you can probably write anything.
I figured they wouldn't have my favorite ("Earshot"), but I was happy to choose "Graduation Day" anyway. Two episodes counted as one, that's a bonus!
Fool For Love! It's the episode which got me into BTVS
debw, Fool For Love was also what hooked me in. But for this list, I can't decide between Hush and Restless. Hush works better as a standalone episode and as an episode of television, but Restless is Joss's "Hemispheres", showing reason and emotion, craft and instinct, sense and nonsense in a near-perfect package.
It was FFL for me too. A simply wonderful story, which also looked superb.
I voted for Restless, although it's always a close contest with OMWF (3rd) and The Body (2nd).
For me, my "favorite episode" varies depending on the day, and what mood I'm in.

Today? Conversations with Dead People.
Tommorow? Could be anything.
"Life Serial"! (write-in)
Is it me or is the picture for "Conversations With Dead People" from a different episode? I think the one with Gnarl, but I'm blanking on the name.

EDIT: And I think the one for "Normal Again" is "Showtime."

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"Innocence," forever and always.
I did my usual "vote for the first one that strikes me" dance. I have yet to be unhappy with that method. This time, the lucky episode was "Fool for Love." I stand by that pick for the next 24 hours.

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While I probably enjoy other episodes more in their entirety, the end of "The Gift" where you hear what Buffy told Dawn played over Buffy's fall makes that episode a winner for me every time. My favorite moment of the entire series.
I voted for Fool for Love - clever and classy
I voted Becoming.It's a classic to me.
Went with Conversations With Dead People. Definitely don't have a single favorite, that is way too hard. Just went with one I most feel like watching right now (but won't because I'm doing a full series run showing them to my roommate and we're currently in season 2).

InevitableTraitor - good call on the wrong pics.

Is Normal Again a usual suspect for a list like this? I was kinda surprised to see it there...
Even using the criteria of "greatest", choosing one is like being given the choice to hack off one of my hands in exchange for my life. You know, what if Joss were to come by and see a boatload of votes for X, when he thinks Y is his greatest work and be insulted by all the X's (okay, I'm sure he understands the pickle a poll like this puts us in, but still).

Screw it, Passion. Beautifully filmed, and the juxtaposition between the greatest hate, love, and pain is breathtaking.
I was surprised "Earshot" wasn't on there Kairos. It's one of my favourite episodes too and perhaps the quintessential Buffy episode, IMO.

I also missed "Selfless" on the list, and I agree with Sunfire that "Life Serial" is another great one that should be on there.

Voted "Once More With Feeling".
I don't have a favorite Buffy episode, so I decided not to vote for something overly obvious, like OMwF. I went with 'The Gift.'
InevitableTraitor: Yeah, a lot of the pictures look off. The picture next to CwDP is from Lessons. The picture next to Lover's Walk is from Beneath You (I think). The picture next to Normal Again is from Showtime. The picture next to Passion is from Lies My Parents Told Me. And the picture next to The Body also looks like it might be from a different episode, though I'm not sure which.

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Sometimes I feel like the only one who declares Hush as their favorite.
AngelDiva: It seems to me like 'Hush' is frequently listed as a fan favorite. I actually found it refreshing to see a wider range of choices than the usual 'Becoming,' 'Hush,' 'The Body,' 'OMwF' this time around.
So hard. My actual favourite is Family, but I voted for Hush. It was between that, Prophecy Girl, Innocence, The Body and The Gift.
Limited by the choices available, I went for The Wish as it reveals so much about the heroes and how their characters have been developed by their relationships (and it's nice seeing a minor player such as Larry turn up as one of the good guys).
I voted for OMWF, but if it wins I'm worried they will hack it down to fit into the one hour time slot.
I know it's not the best ep ever, but I love Restless more than any other, so it gets my vote today. Those scenes in the desert, the music, the insights, the hilarity of it all...
Blimey that was hard. Eventually went with Doppelgangland just cus there's so much I love about that episode, but Becoming and Graduation Day were close behind.
Oh, I'm glad to see some love for "Lover's Walk", it's definitely in my top 10, one of the best episodes to re-watch regularly.

But I went for "Becoming", 'cause it's the one which made me fall in love with the show, and the writing and construction of it is just spectacular.
If I had to vote for only one favorite episode it would be impossible. Normal Again seldom gets enough respect, so I was glad to see it there. But the poll is for the "greatest"episode, not my favorite.

What's the greatest episode? In terms of every aspect of the show (story, script, acting, direction, costumes, lighting, sound) being uncommonly brilliant, and all of those parts coming together in a way that approaches perfection... I had to go with OMWF (but it was hard). The Body, Restless and Hush came oh so close.

Such an embarrassment of riches!
My actual favorite is "I Was Made to Love You", but I picked "The Wish" from the list of options suggested, just because it doesn't get enough love.
Once More With Feeling, with Fool For Love close second.

(Although my fav is Intervention).
The Gift. I couldn't not. Love.
No one ever includes New Moon Rising. So I had to go with The Body.
Well considering the massive amount of censoring of what stories they've shown so far I don't have much hope for whatever they decided to screen.

I mean today I watched 'Beneath You' and they actually edited out the "Is there anybody here who hasn't slept together" Line. All they've left is the Spike/Xander reaction shot which makes no bloody sense at all.

For gods sake why? Are kids in terrible danger from being exposed to subtext for gods sake? So of course imo that doesn't bode well for the rest of this screening If thats what they think should be censored.
Are you sure the cuts are for censoring reasons rather than just a way of fitting in yet more adverts?
I mean today I watched 'Beneath You' and they actually edited out the "Is there anybody here who hasn't slept together" Line.

Did they really? That's just daft.
No Helcat I don't think so. For along time now they've been censoring the weirdest of things. I mean they kept all the AR scene in season 6 intact and yet they edit out when Spike goes into game face. They're choices seem a tad weird to me.

They also took out some of Spikes lines in the church scene today. As I say, surreal choices imo.
I wish "I Only Have Eyes For You" got more recognition. To me, that episode is such a perfect example of how great Buffy is. It's emotional, great drama, horror, scary ghosts, ... Probably some good jokes in there I just can't remember too.
The line Spike says to Giles in Bargaining (Did your life pass before your eyes? Cup of tea, cup of tea, almost got shagged, cup of tea?), is reduced to "Did your life pass before your eyes? Cup of tea, cup of tea, cup of tea?"
With censoring that strict it's amazing they show anything at all.
I picked 'The Body' as it is the greatest episode of tv ever made. However, my favourite is 'Restless.'

On the censoring thing, I recall Buffy always being a bit weird in the UK. The first time I saw 'Where the Wild Things Are' the run time was not much more than 30 mins (on BBC 2, so no ads.) I also remember Sky 1 completely skipping 'Hush' and, I think 'Dead Things', during midday showings.

I believe Sci-Fi have a bit of a reputation for making spurious cuts on programmes too.

However, the greatest bit of editing I have ever seen comes from a music channel, in which they attempted to change Weezer's 'Hash Pipe' into ' Half Pipe'
Stangeaction, yeah I saw that. People who haven't seen an unedited copy must wonder what the hell some characters are on about sometimes.

I mean in this day an age is shagged such an dreadful word?
Arrrgh (, Grr). While I really like and must give credit to The Body, Hush, and Restless for being probably the most experimental of the Buffy episodes, and Conversations for being probably the episode I most enjoy going back to (but mainly for the Buffy segment), I ultimately chose Fool for Love. I love flashback episodes, the writing is excellent, and the editing is superb.
Mitholas - I so agree. I Only Have Eyes For You is incredible. It's long been my favorite of the 'not generaly considered as one of the popular favorites'
Voted Passion. It has everything I love about Buffy. Great humor at the start, followed by some sweet moments, followed by a horrible undercutting of said sweetness, and finally culminating in the monster of all heartbreaking emotional bits.

Good ep.
I chose Becoming, but it was hard. Many of the episodes listed were among my faves, and it was hard to choose Becoming over Conversations with Dead People.
No Prom? No Pangs?

I wanted to choose Becoming, because part 2 is my absolute favorite season-ender of all. Favorite is different than best.

The Body, ftw.
I agree with the "I Only Have Eyes for You" love. It's just so strange and sweet to see Buffy and Angel(us) talking to one another in the midst of all the events of Season 2.

In addition, I'm a big fan of "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered," but maybe that's just me...

And I'm baffled by the inclusion of "Halloween" at the exclusion of "Pangs" and "Earshot."
Becoming all the way for this girl.
I'm with Moscow on fav episode, so I voted FFL.

But hearing how lines and scenes are cut out I'm glad that I won't be able to see these episodes.

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