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January 11 2012

Charisma Carpenter to return in "The Expendables 2"! She will be reprising the role of Lacy, Jason Statham's girlfriend.

What a pleasant surprise! Charisma tweeted that she had to keep it a secret up until now. Can't wait!
And it will inevitably make much more money than the much more interesting film released on the same weekend.
(Yes, I'm still bitter about that.)

I'm very happy about this, I really liked her performance, short as it was, in the first one and was disappointed when it seemed like she wouldn't be in the sequal. I'm so happy for her!
Good for her! She probably makes bank in this role, right?
"The Spanish actress"? That's stretching the facts a little.
OldSwede; the reporter probably felt s/he needed to say it since maybe his readers wouldn't know about her maternal grandfather being born and raised in Spain.

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